And out came the monster and devoured them all


She loved arts and crafts ever since she was a little girl. Even though the teachers terrorized her with their critiques. Who would have done that to a twelve-year-old? Only monsters.


As she mixed the newly created paints together, her tears got swept up within. She mixed it all with tough, strong strokes. She stared out the window and longed to be normal and with the others. Yet the guardians would never let her be.


She pulled up a blank canvas and started painting. The eyes were the key to everything. She had one last teardrop that she smudged onto the canvas and then she licked her finger. She turned towards the door as it opened.


They would all know her fury and her wrath.


She turned back to the canvas and whispered “help me do right“. And out came the monster and devoured them all.


She climbed out the window leaving behind a trail of green eyes.

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