Staying work motivated during the summer months: Where’s that summer hit song? 

I love summer songs. Collectively, we sing them at a drop of the hat any time or day. Recently, Justin gave us “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and Demi Lovato gave us “Cool for the Summer”. At the moment I have no idea what the summer song of 2017 will be. However, I better get on finding that summer song as I need a motivator or two to get through this summertime or else I will experience that “Summertime Sadness” Lana del Rey sings about.
Let me give some context.

I’m a hard worker. I give everything my all. I’m not one of those who is content with satisficing; doing the bare minimum. But year upon year of hard work and the fact that in 2015,  I worked in three different cities for three different companies, means I’m starting to get a bit tured. A colleague just yesterday forwarded to me a CEO sabbatical program announcement. For many years, academics (who already get a summer off) were primarily the only ones taking sabbaticals every decade or so. Not all, but surely many.  Now, other fields have come to realize sabbaticals are not a bad idea in that they can be useful in rejuvenating your good staff. Some workplaces provide a one month sabbatical if you’ve worked at the given company for five years.  That may seem a minuscule amount but every but is an amazing opportunity.  I know of a non-profit that does this and I’m impressed. Other companies allow for a year off.  Why haven’t I worked at any such conpany yet?

I have no idea what I would do during a sabbatical. If I’m getting paid, maybe I’ll just eat cheetos and watch daytime tv. Well, probably not. I fidget. I need constant movement of the body and brain. Regardless, no one is offering me a sabbatical anytime soon. Thus, I need a summer motivator.

The even funnier or perhaps sadder part of my summer reflection herein, is that I barely slow down during the summer.  I do it to myself. As a matter of fact, I keep agreeing to do more and more projects and initiatives. What I need to do is come up with new ways of doing my work.

Here are some possible motivators.

I think I need to start blasting music and bring in a karaoke machine. I can start my own version of Pitch Perfect.

Also, I think we should have work meetings occur at the beach. We have beaches here that we don’t access nearly enough. By working at the beach I will also get vitamin D and be healthier. Such a win-win.

I need to allow myself 15 minutes of daydreaming time at work.  I just have to stare vacuously at the computer screen while I allow my mind to be transported elsewhere.

In that vein, I can take on a new persona at work. It will be summertime mimi. Question is, what character should I be? Oh so many possibilities.

I can bring a small hibachi grill to do mimi style barbeque out in the parking lot. However, I think I would tire of that too quickly as I hate cooking.

My vote is to take on a new persona. And maybe, to take an actual vacation. Oh, to dream.

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