I couldn’t catch Wonder Woman: So I had a pink cocktail and bread pudding

Since January of this year I have been regaling you all with my frustrating, crazy Los Angeles house-hunting stories. Every weekend since the beginning of the year, except two we spent in Hong Kong, have spent some time house searching. I like my agent and I believe she likes us. We have met each other’s children and fanily. However, I’m sure she is just as happy to not see us this weekend as it means we are now in escrow.  Woohoo. I hate that word but I love that word. 

I now have free time and was for a New York minute at a loss as to what to do. That feeling came and went as a grand sense of freedom overtook me. I even skipped down the hallway, the night before, with a five year old.  Not a random kid; but one that had a playdate with my son. What a cheery fellow that five year old is. He skipped right along with me.  I was happy. 
I woke up groggy wondering what was on deck for today. Happily, no houses to see. Sure, we had to meet quickly with our banker but that was as fairly painless as those things go.  
I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to see Wonder Woman. We’ve been waiting a decade for this movie. We waited through movie director changes, script rewrites and casting fits. But the movie was finally released. Well, I had to wait a day as the tickets were sold out. While I was a little saddened at having to wait, I cheerily took it as a good sign of its quality.

So, what could I do? Get a pink cocktail!  I strolled leisurely downtown, cutting across a protest, and made my way to a cool restaurant perched atop of a downtown building.  I was able to look down on the world soaking in some sun that surprisingly graced us. I say surprisingly, as the morning had all signs of being a June gloom day. To beat back the heat, I ordered a lovely Pink Lady cocktail that tickled my tastebuds both foodwise and style-wise. Have I ever mentioned I love pink?

The nice cold cocktail went well with my nicely hot, bourbon-soaked bread pudding. Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love bread pudding? 

It was a delightful day that I very much needed and tomorrow I get another treat: Wonder Woman in 4D. Now, just let escrow be smooth. 

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