If It costs less than a fatburger…I like your shirt

When I was pregnant I used to measure my baby’s growth via Coke cans. At each visit my doctor would report on growth and I would think in terms of how that measure up next to a can of Coke Zero. Weird? Sure. Cute? Yes.  Let me explain. The second I found out I was pregnant I gave up all sweets and caffeine. I love Coke Zero. But I gave it up for my little one. But didn’t mean, I wasn’t thinking about my coke zero. 
Do you have an odd way of measuring things? Or benchmarking milestones?  I believe we all do. 
I have a new measurement marker since being in California. See, Los Angeles is known for its grand number of local burger joints, as well as donut shops. While I just recently had In and Out Burger for the first time, I did try Fatburger relatively soon after moving to LA.  And two things struck me about it: (1) how long it takes to get through the drive-thru, and (2) how expensive it is. For two adults and a child, we spent close to $40.  Yikes. 
The burgers were good but not at that level. I’m sure there are many fans out there. And I actually liked it better than In and Out. And, I will go again to Fat Burger. As a matter of fact I’ve been a handful of times. However, it’s insanely priced for what it is.  Thus, my new benchmark.  

So, when I was asked if this new shirt was “nice.”I frowned. I paused. I searched my brain.  I then asked “well, how much was it”? I was told it cost $6. I then nodded my head and noted “it’s less than a Fatburger”. I approved of the shirt. If you wear the shirt twice you will definitely have gotten your money’s worth.  
That’s it for today. I may find a new benchmark as I am out and about. But if not this one will do. 

I welcome your thoughts

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