I don’t do carwashes but my iPad is super protected

Our car is filthy. In the 7 years we have own it maybe it’s been professionally washed twice. And that may be an overstatement.  It’s been washed plenty of times by mother nature who has also pelted it with hail a few times. In this sense, besides having our New York plates still, we stand out in Los Angeles. Having a waxed shiny car is just not that important to us. I barely spend any time in the car, compared to other Angelinos. And when in the car, why would I care what it looks like outside? It’s not like I’m cruising the city streets.  Shoot, I don’t even drive.
I remember a long time ago, a friend noted to me that he was homesick for LA because sadly in New York he never used his car. I didn’t get the sentiment at all. He soon left to Florida to enjoy the weather and driving.  He is one of those that posts pictures of his shiny car. I post photos of cocktails and bread pudding.  We all have our thing. 

So, I somewhat relish not being a car-washer?  Does thay sound weird? We all are rebels in our own way.  I like to joke that im just being environmentally sound. Truth is I ‘m just being contrarian. Again, we all have such moments.  Another similar moment for me is that I am adamantly against iPhones. I’ve never owned one. Hope to never own one. I’ve learned to never say never. But I stand pretty firm in my preference of Android over iPhone. I take pride in that firm stance. Oh silly me.

Here’s the the thing. I own an iPad, iPod and mac.  Laughingly, the iPhone is where I draw the line.  Again, we all set such lines in our lives. Not only do I own an ipad. I own two. Not only do I own ipads, I fervently protect them. Well, this part makes sense. I’m clumsy. I have flushed my keys multiple times. I’ve also saved a few things from the toilet abyss. Gross, I know. Is this over-sharing?

This weekend, I got two screen protectors and a heavy duty ipad cover. Supposedly, if I drop it again, it won’t crack again. Side note: get that Apple care plus insurance. As I hold my super protected ipad I chuckle. Everything is mega-protected now. Even junk nine dollar items I but on Amazon have insurance to go along with them.  Yet, our health insurance is somewhat of a joke. And I say that as a healthcare executive. Yes, I started talking about car washes and ended up discussing healthcare insurance. There was a roadmap to this point, I promise. 

I like being random and seeing inter-connections. I also really liked Wonder Woman. But back to my iPad.  Why do I have to protect it so?  Well, it’s super expensive and Apple gives no real insurance on it.  I think my iPad cost more than what I put into my 401k account. Oh that’s bad. Anyway, we protect everything in such odd ways these days. Part of me thinks we should just walk around in a bubble and we will be much safer.  You may ask where’s the joy in that. Well, we can totally body slam into another and die of laughter. Oops. 

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  1. I guess maintaining the inner car (inner body,inner mind) is the important thing.
    So many shiny cars and people getting about.
    Saw an ad promoting private health here in Oz. It said “Over 30 years, we can expect to have ’12’ hospital admissions”.
    With expectations like that, any healthcare system would find troubles.B


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