I’ve brought down two bathroom stalls in my lifetime: Here’s to more


Sometimes in life you do silly things. Supposedly you do a ton of silly things in your youth. You are supposed to get them out of your system and eventually grow up and do non-silly things. That’s not reality, of course. First off, why can’t we continue to do silly things in our lives? Its all too short and goes by in a blur for one to be so serious and still in life. Life is a blur and so should our actions be as well, at times. Thus, should our youthful indiscretions just be relegated to our youth?

Many moons ago, I was in boarding school getting used to living away from my family. I had to learn to do laundry, make my bed (well, I never learned that one), and make wise eating choices. It was a thrilling, scary experience. I learned a lot about myself. 
On the weekends we were allowed off campus and we would at times make our way into the big city. A 40 minute bus ride into the city made us antsy.  A 40-minute bus ride back gave us time to put ourselves together for the 11pm face-to-face checkin. And during one of those check-ins, I broke my first bathroom stall.  

We had gone into the city and had some fun. We were merry.  The bus ride back calmed us down a bit. We arrived back at campus and entered our dorm. I felt I needed to clean up a little before presenting myself for check-in. I ran up, washed my face and used the restroom. I was in a hurry to get back downstairs. I pulled the stall door open pretty hard and I walked right into the side.  
Let me get this out there first. This was not due to my being drunk. It was one of many instances of me walking into a wall, door or chair. I do this with some frequency. I’m clumsy and don’t gauge space well at all.  It’s as if I have spatial dyslexia.  I rushed downstairs and giggled to myself.  I didn’t really think of it again for a long time.

Fast forward two decades and I found myself in Atlanta having a good time. Believe it or not Atlanta can be fun. A lot of fun. It’s the fun capital of the south, outside of New Orleans. Now that is a fun city. Besides New York, New Orleans is my favorite US city.  I have not been in two years, and I’ve been seriously saddened by this state of affairs.  

But back to the story at hand. Actually, I think I’ll fast forward. On one particular night while having a fun night, I went to the restroom of a well known restaurant chain and brought down another bathroom stall. How I did so doesn’t matter. What counts is that I did it again when I wasn’t a youth. How often does one get to do the same ridiculous, rare act two decades apart. 

Well, it was really 13 years apart but two decades seems more impressive and pertinent to the story. What’s the story? Well, our youthful indiscretions are at times not just specific to that time period. We can be silly, frivolous, dumb at any point. Yes, we should know better with age in regards to many things. But don’t let that young spirit dissipate away. Stay young, but wise till the end. 

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