Dream the monsters away



To dream a nice dream

To walk so there is sleep

Sink into the pillow

And suffocate through one’s aspirations



Oh to dream and to dream

Each waking moment an agony

Each sleeping moment an aberration

Bringing pure escapist delight




To wash away the daily nightmares

The monsters lurk in the daylight

They hide out in the open

Draining you of your soul


Don’t be buguiled by the smiles

They bare their teeth to eat you

Send them running

Dream the monsters away


Grab the pillow

Get woke

Go and face the enemy

Give your dreams a waking chance



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  1. I have learned enough about the brain recently to realize that many daytime problems are solved in our nighttime dreams. Sounds like you have, too, as you have expressed here. So, go forth and conquer those daytime monsters with solutions discovered in your dreams!


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