Uprisings, television glory, and baseball: Happy birthday to me

Growing up I was always reminded that I am a Taurean. I am hot-headed, stubborn, determined, and smart. When my mom was pregnant with me she went to a fortune teller who told her I’d be a girl that would be a smart cookie with throat problems. All three came true. 
The Romans believed Taurus was ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and earth. And my wanderlust is a function of that, I believe. As I seek beauty and a sense of being from roaming the world. Apparently, taste is a big component of my day to day life. Which is entirely true as I believe every meal should be enjoyed. I take great pleasure in eating and thus I work out continuously.  So that is a bit of who I am. 
Throughout the years, I became fixated with a painting by Goya titled the Second of May, aka the Charge of the Mamelukes. It depicts a great uprising against the French occupation of Spain. I first saw it at the Museo del Prado, when I lived in Spain. I felt an immense emotional connection with the painting. For in a way, I have embodied that sentiment all my life. I have been a warrior, a fighter and an advocate. I don’t shy away from fighting a good fight if it is needed. It’s a sentiment I’m trying to pass on to my son as well. Now, while my astrological sign points to my connection to the earth, I do feel tied to the water as I am often mesmerized by it. 

Interestingly enough, as I explore the history of my birthdate, many mutinies out over the ocean waters have occurred on this date.  Also, back in 1946, on May 2nd, prisoners at Alcatraz went into revolt mode. 

The fighting spirit most definitely has a hold on May 2nd, along with innovation. I am a huge fan of television and pop culture in general. I know that to many it seems a strange attribute for me to have considering my other life tendencies. But I can’t help it. I don’t ever watch any television show live anymore (except the Oscars and Superbowl). But I records 100s of shows and catch up in the bath, gym and at late night when others are asleep.  So, it comes as no surprise to me that major television landmarks occurred on this date throughout the past century. It was meant to be. Back in 1941, on May 2nd, network tekevisipn for its start and 24 years later to the day, transoceanuc pictures were transmitted via satellite. The world got a bit smaller that date. 
As a Nuyorican, I love baseball. I just do. No other sport will do. Well, I do like tennis. Did you know Lou Gherig set a baseball record on May 2nd, 1939? He played in his 2,130th game. Hard work, stamina and stubbornness are key to this date. Yes, I take pride and pleasure in this. 
Now, that I have journeyed through history I’m off to see the eizard. The wonderful wizard of oz and may he grant me vision to keep going on my journey of self discovery. 

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  1. I’m not a Taurus, but an Aries; equally enamored by the good fight and the allure of water. Or, maybe its just feisty feminism. Who knows? I’m glad I found you on my literary journey…birds of a feather flock together…even in virtual worlds.

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  2. Happy birthday! I really like your musings about this date. It is my niece’s birthday too, and since you invite us to share, I’m sending a copy of this post to her. Thanks!


  3. I must say that the thoughts re your birthday you have shared here are really motivational to me, a fellow Taurus. I don’t like to celebrate or mark my birthday very much anymore, so I treat it like any other day. I think in future, however, I might try to treat each birthday like a New Year’s Day, as a marker of the continuing passage of the time of my life, and use it as an opportunity to evaluate the past, savor the present, and perhaps set a goal or two for the future. Thanks, friend, and I hope and trust you happily marked your birthday on the day.


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