Little conversations: How’s it going? 

My weekend came and went and I don’t know how I feel. I think I have a major decision or two to consider this upcoming week. I think I need a superpower smoothie to get me through this week. It’s the first week of the month and it will set the course for the month.  Funny enough, I started the week with a very old earworm.  Have you ever heard of the band Concrete Band? I used to love their heart and attitude.  I have one of their songs jiust ringing about in my ear and head. and it’s not their top song Joey.

But that is not the song dominating my head at the moment. As for my earworm, I will get to that in a second or two.

It’s the beginning of the work week and the first hour of the work day is bound to riddled with small talk ad nauseam.  You’ll be asked if you had a good weekend. You’ll be asked if you did anything fun. You’ll be asked if you’re ready for the week. If you should answer honestly to any, you either will enter into a one-sided conversation or it’ll last too long.
People don’t like talking anymore. Well, people do like talking. Like all the time in public on the phone. But people prefer texting. Even in a workplace, where people are near each other, they will instant message one another.

Now, let’s think about the question “how’s it going?” Do you really expect a real answer? I try to always be as chipper as I can in the workplace.  I say good morning. I smile. I go from desk to desk.  But when we ask that question, we gloss over our realities. We answer that things are well and keep going. When you dare to say the truth, whatever that may be, there are awkward bits of silence and half-smiles. We may, at times, wonder what’s the point in asking people what’s going on if they just are expected to say that things are good.


Well, one good thing is that the routine helps you get through interactions easily and without much thought. There is something to be said about easy interactions. There are too many life stressors these days. The news is annoying. Traffic is anxiety-provoking. Coffee can apparently burn you if you spill it.  Thus, an easy back and forth routine can be an easy way to start off the week. Who doesn’t want that? By the time the conversation routines end, you are at the mid-morning point of the day and can finally start to wrap your head around the week’s priorities.

Endless, mindless, little conversations.   I believe that there is a song or two about those. And one of those is worming my ear this week.

The little conversations
If I tried my very best
You know I never could say anything
In twenty words or less.
Somewhere, sometime, down the line
Someday I may confess,
And spill it all. that’s all

—Concrete Blonde

Yes, these little conversations simultaneously keep me going and drive me crazy. I want to engage yet disengage. I want to run and stand still. Where will it all end? Well, in terms of the week, that’s easy to answer. We will all celebrate friday eve on Thursday and on Friday, we will ask each other whether we have special plans. And then we start the cycle all over again and again.

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  1. So glad I don’t go into an office anymore. My reasons for this attitude are many, but the avoidance of the time killing conversations you have described is certainly among them!


  2. So funny yet true. I worked in many office all prior to texting years – in some we got to that awkward stage of just not talking to each other, that’s when I knew it was time to move on to another office.


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