I looked up at the sky: Not a raindrop in sight 

Ever since I can remember, I have had a rainy birthday. It’s in the midst of spring and supposedly end-of-May flowers will bloom as a result. That’s all well and good but I like the sun and flowers make me sneeze. Admittedly, there have been days where it just drizzled and then fizzled. But the spectre of rain always hung. 
This week, in drought-stricken, Los Angeles there was no rain for my birthday. How fabulous a feeling to bask in the sun on the day I came into this world.  The rays brought joy to my soul.  A sun-filled sky should never, ever be taken for granted. 

One thing I highly recommend to everyone is to not go into work on your birthday. I’ve yet to do it in over ten years. I may work on that day, but I do so from home in my pajamas with a handful of candy and an eventual nice drink.  No matter how nice one’s coworkers may be, it is best to stay away from the workplace on your special day.  Why? Because there will always be one thing to irritate you at work. Who needs that? Although, just reading emails from home is enough to irritate one. Especially, when nutjobs email you in self-righteous tones even when they are in the wrong. Ok. I’ll get off that vent. This is why I seek the sun. It feels me with vitamins, soothes my skin, and stimulates happy thoughts. 
Get out and enjoy the beautiful sky.

(P.s. thank you for your well wishes. I was completely overwhelmed by them and grateful). 

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  1. I have not worked on my birthday since I was 17 – and that was down to an office misunderstanding! 🙋


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