Instead of a burnt house can I get a house with a green screen?

I just had a mentally and physically hard week. Ten to twelve hour days filled with stressful interactions while I tried to maintain a smile and calm demeanor. I would have loved a primal scream moment. But, alas, no such opportunity arose. Most others would treat themselves to some sleep, a movie or some other relaxing weekend activity. But not I. Instead of rest, I went house hunting again. Again. And again.


This is the 10th weekend or so of house hunting. The market in Los Angeles is beyond ridiculous.  Let me share a totally outrageous example. There is a house in Los Angeles for sale at $540,000 that is 30% burned and structually unsound. And that is how the seller’s agent described it. Does that sound like a house that should be sold for a little over half a million dollars?  And this is low season. Wait till summer comes along.

My son is completely over the house hunting bit. And he doesn’t whisper his views while we are looking at places. But hey, maybe people will be embarrassed by their outrageous prices if an eight year old points out the craziness. But, probably not. People price their houses at what the market will bear. Shame on Los Angeles overall on that front.
It’s Los Angeles. The land of Hollywood. I expected better. Silly me. What I would want here for my son is a house that comes with a green screen.

We took a break one day, a few weeks back, to go yo the Warner Brothers studio and there was a green screen activity that thrilled my son to no end. One of the resulting final pictures that we picked showed him playing quiditch in a packed, roaring stadium.

I would love a green screen so that I could do my own weather forecasts from my house and beam them to the world. I wouldn’t even mind doing so from a 30% burned down home. Actually, no, I take that back.  A green room, would nonetheless be really cool. You would think that in the land of LaLa land such home escapism would be offered in plentiful numbers.
Honestly, the first full trailer for the Justice League was just released and I would like to insert myself into the scene. Now that would be a fun house.

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  1. Ugh. Maybe building isn’t as bad as I thought, even if it did take 18 months to get local government approval and they lost our paperwork for a month at one stage. At least we’re now digging for the foundations. Could have done without the builder saying he’d never seen so many rocks, though. Hope you find a house soon, one that’s not scorched and that you can actually live in.


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