For my sanity, It’s time for a pair of new shoes

As a little girl, I don’t believe I had many shoes. We were poor. We had what we needed. But shoes were important to my life. I remember really wanting a pair of high top converse sneakers. I dreamt if having it. I dreamt of walking to school in them. My mom got them for me to my utter delight. I didn’t question how she got them. To this day i don’t remember what happened to that pair of shoes I had so desired. 

Fast forward a fear years (ahem), and I have shoes at work, in storage and in three rooms at home. I just recently wore a pair of pink shoes I got in London a decade ago. I wear all my shoes and keep them in good condition. Some shoes I completely wear down till they are ripped are the soles fall off. Sometimes at work I change shoes two or three times. 

I think I can honestly say I love shoes. Probably just like a good 50% of the women in the US. I made up that percentage but it seems right to me. Once I started making a decent salary, I bought shoes for my mom. We were the same size for a good chunk of time. It gave me pleasure to buy her shoes. I felt good and sad at times. But I will stick with the happy feeling here. 

Despite my love of shoes, I have not bought a pair in over 6 months. Have I been replaced by a pod person? I am quite worried by this turn of events. You know why? It means that I have been too busy with work, house hunting and other crazy possibly tedious things. I haven’t made time to shop. I haven’t found time to shop for shoes. I must be feverish. 

This past week, a very well meaning older gentleman warned me to find time to care for myself. Work will be work. Unreasonable expectations by others will always exist and we can’t go crazy and tired trying to meet those types of expectations. He mentioned to me how he once went to a job interview where four of the interviewers had oxygen tanks. He said thanks but no thanks. Those were board members can you imagine what the job did to the actual employees? No thanks.

For me, my indicator is my shoe buying behavior. I love shoes. I love shopping for them. It’s one of the few things I don’t really buy on Amazon. If I can’t find time for such a simple pleasure, what will happen to me?

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  1. Just the sight of four interviewers would be enough to make me turn on my heels and sprint out of the building, let alone the cyborg accoutrements.
    The advantage of being a hermit is that your wardrobe gradually becomes a museum of footwear and clothes dating back to Tudor times. Sometimes I like to brush off my winkle pickers and go riding around on a penny farthing to impress my nephew.
    I do love good shoes though. Upsettingly my feet seem to have grown a good half size in the last few years. I know not why.

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  2. Shoes have always annoyed me, mostly because I love living simply, with as few things as possible, and shoes always seem to get in the way. I work at a hospital, so I have to have a pair for there because they get gross. I have to have good workout shoes. I have to have an every day pair. Let’s not forget flip flops in case I go swimming or to the beach. Oh, and flip flops for the nasty shower at the gym. And a pair of nice shoes in case I need to dress up. And a pair of sandal-dress shoes in case I have to dress up and it’s super warm out. Heels for extremely fancy occasions, and flats for when I have to look nice but need to be functional. Shoes for disc golf, because sometimes the course is muddy. Siippers for lounging…Aaaaaand boots for winter, ugh. Crap, there goes my whole shoe rack. Every time I try to throw out a pair of shoes I can’t because I think of some stupid far off situation where I might need them. And if I do get the guts to throw out a pair of shoes, one of those stupid situations presents itself and I have to go spend money I don’t have on another pair of shoes that deep in my mind I don’t need. But hey, if shoes are your thing, I totally agree with the old guy…take care of yourself, and if that means buying more shoes, I think you should do it šŸ™‚


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