In the end, the moon will be atop

You can ride up high

You can soar above

You can be flying through the big top

But to what end?

You look down from your highrise

You can peer down the ladder

You can shout out to those below

But to what end?

You can let your heart swell

You can inflate your ego

You can too your nose up

But to what end?

In the end, there’s dust

In the end, nothing is static

In the end, the moon will always be atop

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  1. Our atmosphere from many miles from above our scientific research our space terms of atmosphere holds alot of attributes of scientific evidence of what is up there in the space sky our planets, the milky way our galaxy the stars, yes i agree it’s an amazing very interesting unique kind of a place, as the story you wrote about the moon will always be on top atop with it’s glow of white somewhat picturest different shapes and the look of a face, besides the moon what else is visible keeping in mind there is alot up there in our galaxy atmosphere ? You see the sun yes there are clouds but there not part of our space sky of atmosphere, i have mentioned the sun, so what else does it leave to see the beautiful shining stars above and far beyond higher on top of the moon, i guess the stars will always be attop or on top, in first place shining down at the moon, as it glows in the sky with it’s pretty shapes and it’s somewhat structured face beautiful to look at, but the stars are on top and the pretty glowing moon, in ranks competing against the stars it ranks not superior to our stars, the picture image of one of our planets is a breathtaking view to see, and the moral of the story is the moon is a cold and desolate place to be, when it comes to the numerous ratio numbers of shining stars.


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