Can’t you see what I see: My shadow is so pretty

I had a fairly random day today where I had meetings galore, surprise visits and more Valentine’s Day celebrations. Chocolate, tapioca pudding and cake where everywhere to be had. I experienced a variety of emotions with many ups and downs. By the end of the day I felt like a giddy bowling ball. Like those that always make their way into the gutter after zig-zagging  all over the place.  Don’t take me quite literally with the whole gutter thing. But I certainly felt round and loopy.

The month of February goes by in such a whirlwind that soon we will be squarely in March wondering where winter went. Does time ever slow back down or does it keep accelerating from this point forward? Days on end are blurry. Tonight I went to exercise and softly leaned my forehead into the elevator wall. I was tired. But onto my workout machine I went hoping that somehow the exercise would go by quickly. Every single time, I hope that this time 30 minutes will be fast. Does that even make sense?


So, I’m feeling totally random. Thats a pretty consistent theme in my life lately. When the world is in chaos why bother being linear?  That’s why when I was just going through my phone photo gallery, I kept thinking “what was I thinking” when I took those photos? At some point in time, I thought that moment and that tableau meant something. That second had a meaning-an ephemeral meaning. But that moment can have a secondary meaning and a third. We constantly reconstruct our life.


I took a series of photos of my shadow crossing the street. Was I thinking that I was at a crossroads?  Perhaps. I have been at many crossroads lately. Now, however when I look at it, I think “wow, my shadow is so pretty.” Yes, that is what I just thought about it. And why shouldn’t I? Can a shadow not be pretty?  It is the week of self-love after all.

This all is coupled with this week’s earworm.  I will readily admit that I have songs by Britney Spears  on my iPod. They are catchy! And I have this one song going over and over in my head called “If U seek Amy.”

Love me, hate me…

Say what you want about me

Can’t you see what I see?

I have no idea what the song is really about but it’s got a good dancing beat and I can certainly be a zig-zagging bowling bowl while listening to it. I go back to my shadow. Its pretty and can’t you see what I see?  It’s been one of those weeks, folks.  Say what you want about me….

I welcome your thoughts

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