Valentine’s Day: Gory television episodes & a heartwarming meal

What’s a Valentine without a little blood and gore?  Sure the day is associated with romantic love, but there are also many associated tragedies. But I am not here to talk about those at all. It’s a festive day, of sorts. Or also a lonely day, of sorts. It could certainly be a bah humbug kind of day.  I certainly am no fan of chocolates and thus the gluttony is a bit beyond me. Although, I will certainly take gummy worms hearts. Does such a thing exist? Maybe I should patent it?
 I’m here to wax nostalgic about some favorite television episodes that “celebrated” Valentine’s Day because they made me laugh or feel terror. What other way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?   First off, did you know there was a television show many moons ago actually called “Valentine’s Day”? Me either and that’s all I have on that one.
1. The Birthing Video episode on Friends. They mistakenly watch a video where they see crowning. Enough said. 
2. The My Bloody Valentine episode on Supernatural. Cupid makes people eat each other. There was blood galore. 

3. The PDA episode on the Office. I’m not a huge comedy fan, far preferring dramas and science fiction. But the Office sure had a few episodes that were so on point that it was painful. In the PGA episode Michael and Holly decided to go all out in their Valentine’s Day observation by forcing others to watch their full on public displays of affection. Eek. Where’s a taser when you need one?

4. The Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered episode on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Xander,the eternal loser, casts a spell on Valentine’s Day so that the ladies will love him. Love went wrong. Way wrong. He ended up running for his life. He should have known better. Every TV show tells you witchcraft has consequences. Unintended consequences. 
Now, am I jaded? No. No, I am not. I just maybe like being a bit contrary. But with that said, I do have the cutest Valentine’s Day moment: my son cooking. It warms my heart. 

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