Celebrate your own lantern festival: Put a spotlight on yourself

In this day and age of the selfie and twitter, many people relish having a spotlight on themselves. I’m reminded of some old cartoon where the stage spotlight kept moving and the animated character desperately tried to keep up so as to remain in that spotlight. It was funny as a child. Now, it’s annoying and disturbing.  Nonetheless, in honor of the Chinese Lantern festivities that just occurred throughout the world, I do want to encourage people to stand in that spotlight. If you are hiding in the shadows come on out.
Let me explain. 

Soon it will be Valentines Day. Rose petals will fall and chocolate wrappers will crumble. I personally do not like either. Give me a good key lime pie or bread pudding any day. I suppose those could be in the form of a heart. Although, that is just way too cheesy for me. But back to the day. It’s a time when people and things are prettied up, topped off with a cutesy Hallmark card. And sure it can be nice. But what if you used the day to look at your warts? Your figurative warts? And, heck, your literal ones as well.

Imagine taking that ephemeral spotlight and using it to be introspective. Think about what  you can improve and what do you like best about yourself. Use the day to maybe go deeper than that skin surface you like to highlight in the selfies.

Going that deep can be an act of self-love. Based on all the loud voices and stated anger out there these days, some introspection can do the body, heart and mind some good. 
During some Lantern festivals children go out with paper Lantern, visiting temples, during which they are presented with riddles. In our national discourse, even worldwide, there are several key riddles many are trying to solve. Take a break and solve the Riddle of what makes you vulnerable and what makes you strong. And then keep it to yourself and your loved ones. The world need not know. Some believe that the Chinese Lantern festival originated as a way to mark the decreasing days of winter. Thats as good as any other day to celebrate yourself. 

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