Philosophical pet peeve: Why is everything in the form of gummies?

I love sweets. I’m all about the sugar. I like to take one of ABBA’s song and sing “gimme, gimme some sugar after midnight”. I don’t mind a lifesaver or two or three at night and for breakfast. Lunch and dinner as well. So, Im really good buds with sugar. 

Despite my complete love affair with sugar, I don’t quite understand a certain health trend. We supposedly, as a society, want people to take their vitamins. We want kids to take their vitamins. Thus, someone came up with the idea of turning children’s vitamins into gummies. I suppose it works. Although, what signal are we sending to kids about sugar? Or about life in general. Put some sugar on something that’s meant to be good for you to make you like it?  That’s not always going to work in life. We tell kids, at some point, that life isn’t fair.  We figure that as we grow up into adulthood we outgrow the need to sugarcoat everything. Alas that is not so. There are vitamin yummies for adults. What does that tell us about society?


We now have gummy lozenges. How does that work on soothing the throat? There is now a gummy form of Adderall (the ADHD medication).  There are cranberry gummies for urinary tract infections.  That just seems super silly to me. You can’t drink cranberry juice? Do we really need a gummy to help ease bladder problems.
I like sugar. I lick sugar packets. Yes, I know I have a sugar problem. I get that. But it seems society does as well. Well, duh! Of course we do. We have sugar in everything. But that ubiquitousness of sugar doesn’t bother me, as much in a nutrition sense. Please don’t tell anybody my work colleagues that I said that. 

What bothers me is that we are bending over backwards trying to make everything palatable and sugarcoated. I remember my mom just forcing the spoonful of medicine down my throat telling me that “it was good for me”. That was it. I had to listen. I had to be tough. Tough like an adult. Yet, nowadays, adults get their medicine sugarcoated. Perhaps even more than children. 
This at-large situation feels like to me as if we are regessing as a society. But considering that the doomsday clock moved closer to midnight maybe sugar is the least of our problems. Although, our sugar problem may be the very reason why we are closer to midnight.  We are now made of up of sugar particles that dissolve in water. No hardiness to us. No confronting things head on as they need to be. We just turn everything into a gunmy and savor the sweetness completely trying to forget about the bitter pill we are actually taking. 

Rant over. I’m going to go dig into my bag of gummy worms. Yum! 

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  1. I wonder if the adult gummy vitamins do not actually sell so well because adults are constantly dieting and trying to deprive themselves of “said sugar” and they can justify giving themselves “gummy vitamins” even when on their plethora of diets? I wonder… ?


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