I went against my own conventional wisdom: I got a personal trainer

I love to exercise. I love working out. I do it everyday unless I have a very high fever or there’s no gym in my hotel while on travel. And on those days of no exercise, I feel completely stir-crazy. I would say that pretty much after I started walking as a baby, I never stopped. 
Perhaps I love working out too much. Its how I have injured myself numerous times. I think this last round of injuries has been the worse and has me realizing that I have put my knees through the ringer. But I just don’t know how to quit exercising. Which thrilled my doctor to no end, noting that was a good thing. Question is: too much of a good thing?
I love working out because I can zone out and focus a bit on me. Although, lately I’ve taken to answering email after email while working out. I’ve even done a few teleconferences. But I still have a focus on me. These days as head of a company, mother and so forth there’s a lot I have to focus on instead of me.  Not that many take that into account. But I am here to talk about exercising. 

I love doing my own thing and setting my own pace while working out. I don’t like talking much to others while I work out. I like to be in and out of the gym. In my building’s gym, I have gotten used to some of the others that work out day in and day out. I’ve even gotten used to seeing some of the personal trainers that accompany my exercise peers. 

I have never liked the concept of personal trainers. I don’t like someone talking to me and I want to quit when I want to quit. I’m a bit self-determined that way.  Thus, I always vowed to myself that I wouldn’t get a personal trainer. Plus, I always saw that as a luxury. First, one has to be able to pay for food and shelter. I can exercise for free by walking. I’ve never joined a gym, either. I’m a bit cheap that way. Luckily, my rent includes free gym access. 

Now, the last few months I have had a physical therapist helping me strengthen my knee muscles so that I do not have to have surgery to repair my torn knee muscle. Then, it became a pain to continue to get a referral from the orthopedic specialist. I gave up and just kept up with the exercises myself. 
I must have looked like a sorry lot or easy prey. A trainer that works with others in my building approached my noting how hard I worked out but how I could improve it. I’m open to feedback. So I entertained his discussion. We then did a comp session where he pushed me hard. I had been getting lazy in some of my exercises. I reflected on that and thought I might as well give something new a chance. 

Now I have a personal trainer. I’m only doing it for a month. We shall see after that. But I feel weird admitting to that since I was always so against it. Not that many people know my opinion on that. Its not like I made that the centerpiece of my rebellion.

 I suppose I’m changing. I’m going to roll with it and see where I end up. 

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  1. Good for you! I restarted my exercise walking two weeks ago, 2.5 miles on the treadmill 5 days a week, and a 2 mile walk on either Saturday or Sunday. I know what you mean about not wanting to talk while working out, too. Keep at it, just as I will.

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  2. Think of this next month as continuing education with the trainer being more of an instructor than a chatty pants. Now that you know you were slacking and what your limits are in terms of strength and mobility, you can be your own coach whenever you want to stop. I wish more of my clients were as motivated as you. Buena suerte chica!

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  3. Way to go. Never say never. If there’s an habit am building, it’s never saying I can’t, I won’t, what I would like to say is perhaps, maybe or let me try and it works out great almost every time i try, when it doesn’t, am glad to have experienced what I thought I couldn’t. Cheers.


  4. Good for you for working with the trainer. One of the main benefits, in my opinion, of working with a trained professional is that they will be able to recognize any areas in which your form may not be quite right. Often just doing a couple things slightly differently can make the difference between a safe and effective exercise vs. a joint wrecking and dangerous exercise. I hope it works out!

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