Searching for the greatest bread pudding in the world

I am going to share a little secret about myself with you today. As if I haven’t already shared thousands. But that’s OK. Let’s pretend this is a major secret. Its a deeply held desire. Yes. Yes. Yes. I love bread pudding. I just can’t resist it. I don’t even try. I can be on a major diet where I work out 60 minutes a day and I will still make room in my tummy, and eventually elsewhere, for bread pudding. If it is next to me, in a room with me, or in a back room near me, I’m going to eat it. Does it qualify as a guilty pleasure? Nah. I don’t ever feel guilty about it.

I think I was born loving bread pudding. Well, my mother definitely love bread pudding and ate some when pregnant with me. Puerto Ricans grow up loving bread pudding.  Although I must admit Puerto Rican bread pudding it’s not my favorite. I will happily eat it but I will happily eat others even more. Which is why I love traveling the world over. On all my travels, on all my trips, I seek out bread pudding.


For me, the more moist it is, the better. And the more it is soaked in rum, the better. The more bananas or banana sauce it has, the better. The bigger the slice, the better it is as well.

One of the reasons that I love the city of New Orleans is because of the abundance of bread pudding to be found. And the beauty of eating yummy bread pudding in New Orleans is that you can then dance it off afterwards. That’s what we call a win/win. And while I don’t care for Mississippi mud pie, I have found great bread pudding in Jackson. Surprisingly, I have also found great bread pudding in a small town called Capitola by the sea. I knew there would be great west of the Mississippi. If you look hard enough you can find great bread pudding anywhere, more or less. All you have to do is wish really hard for it. If only the rest of life were so simple.
Here I will go forth and continue to search for the perfect bread pudding. Its a good search on which to continue to embark.  There are worse things to crave. I’m hungry now and need to eat some healthy food so that I can have dessert. Or I can just have dessert. Bread pudding that is. I found two great places in Los Angeles already. Onwards, in the search for the best.

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  1. You make my mouth ….watering
    Love this post , all led through bread-pudding search…!
    Please don’t come to Italy then , for I didn’t even hear that name , here!


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