The (un) harmonious streets of Los Angeles

To say that there’s a bit of strife in the United States these days would probably be an understatement. The country has held. The news media alerts us to this division every second. So much so that they appear to relish it. Anything for ratings, I suppose.

At times as I walked through the downtown streets of Los Angeles, I felt like I was caught in a Walking Dead episode where dire warnings of the end were posted throughout. 

However, as we continued our house hunting this weekend, we discovered new areas that delighted us not because they were perfect, but because we found our version of harmony in what many would look askance on. We didn’t look in the surburbs or the gentrified areas of LA. We looked at areas pretty close into LA that upon first glance may look at empty warehouse districts but in reality house a lot of hard working (often invisible) families of LA. 

I must admit at first I was a bit frightened when we turned on a side street and a huge German Shephard dog was chasing a chihuahua. I feared for the Chihuahua’s life. I even thought of opening the car door and trying to scoop him up. But thankfully for everyone he was super fast. We did soon move past that particular area and continued further north into the district and I was enchanted. 
We found awesome street art and murals that were either child-friendly (meaning recognizable by kids) or historical in nature, reminding families of what has been. 

I wont tell you the exact address as we are hoping to buy while property prices are still affordable. Granted the area is not for everyone. It is tightly packed. Property lots are on the smaller sizes of things. There are stores and flea markets and people walking the sidewalks. There is even public transportation nearby. As a New Yorker I love this. There is a kinetic energy I can thrive on. But, at this point in time having been in LA for a year, I know that many here hate urban living.  Actually, many are afraid of it. While to me this kinetic energy is harmonious, for others its a disturbing cacophony. 
What 2016 has taught, which in reality I already knew, we all view things through different lenses. All these photographs captured multiple thoughts and points of view as they are imprinted upon. For some, this is awesome people power. To others , it may represent disrespect. 
I’m finding my areas here. It has taken me a while. But I am looking forward to being part of a harmonious fabric that believes in the people and the promise to come. 

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  1. How exciting to be house hunting in a new place. I look forward to seeing what you find in upcoming posts. And I’ve found that you get out of places what you put into them, so it sounds like you’d make anywhere you lived be full of heart and kindness.


  2. Since I have been in the L.A. this past month, I have confirmed for myself that yes, I could live in my childhood home, which is in the suburb of Torrance. I have also confirmed that I could probably not live in any other part of the region, even in the OC, where I lived before moving east. I also learned, even here in Torrance, that I would not venture out in a car after 3:00 in the afternoon, as the traffic here has increased, during my stay, starting at that time. Fortunately, that would also be a good time to walk to the beach.


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