From bloody prom queen to Manolos to ugly crying…

And a big, big pop culture fan. I grew up on television. I grew up on radio. Although I wasn’t a big fan of MTV. Don’t get me wrong I watched it but I wasn’t as enthralled as everyone else was. I mean, there’s only so many times one can watch Take On Me. But none the less I’m a huge pop culture fan. I still read weekly In Touch magazine and stay abreast of all the latest pop-culture shenanigans. I like to say that television helped me move beyond the hungry  days of my childhood in the South Bronx.

Because of my love I always watch the Golden Globes awards and the Oscars. I have even thrown in Oscars party. It was fabulous as it should be. Speaking of which, I should make a note for myself to plan an Oscars party this coming year. Considering how crazy my life has been these days the party probably won’t come to fruition. I will just have to console myself I’m watching it on TV while drinking a mojito. This last weekend I did manage to catch the Golden Globes. I wasn’t too enthralled with the telecast. But I do now have a list of movies, I must watch in the next few weeks, including Moonlight and La La Land.

During the Golden Globes, they did a quick tribute to Carrie Fischer and Debbie Reynolds. Too quick. But it got me thinking, strangely enough, of the numerous Carries that have been influential in pop culture. I have no idea why my mind takes these turns. But it does and it did, and I must write.

First off, there is Stephen King’s Carrie who was a severely awkward young woman who fell victim to a mean-spirited prom prank. Tell me, who doesn’t have an image of a young woman being named prom queen drenched in pig’s blood. It was pig blood, right? Or cow? Oh my. Anyway, that might have been the first horror, supernatural film I ever watched. It made it so that I didn’t go to my senior prom. I actually kid. I couldn’t make it to my prom because I was living abroad at the time. But I did have visions, dark visions of what could happen at a prom. That’s the Carrie of my childhood.

Then there was Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the city who taught us to have widely diverse friends (well, personality wise), treat brunch as a must-do and to aim for owning several pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Life was a ball for her. The complete opposite of prom queen Carrie. That was how life was supposed to be after college.

Then we now have Carrie Mathison, bipolar, self-destructive CIA agent extraordinare. She taught us that one can be extremely messed up and still do a terrific job. She also told us that doing a terrific job can take a major toll on our psyche. We also saw that a person can ugly cry and still get through to the other side. Oh yeah, she showed us ugly crying.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons through these women. What more is pop culture going to bring us this coming year or two?

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