Go ahead and wear no pants in the subway

Sometimes you just want to go ahead and do something daring. Sometimes you just want to stand out. Sometimes you just want to be part of the crowd. Sometimes both can come together. And why not? Can follow someone else’s drumbeat, I suppose. After all isn’t that what social media is all about.On social media you find your special wacky group of offbeats. There’s a crowd out there for everyone.
This past week there was a wacky group convening in Germany. I’m not too sure that I would have participated but it sure could have been fun. They held a bare in Berlin event. Or more specifically a ” No pants subway ride”. I don’t know how the event came off this past week but in intrigued by the by the concept as a whole especially considering that it had first been done in my beloved New York City. Passengers were to ride the train without wearing any pants and others around them or wearing pants or just to act as if it was any other normal day. I should note that other cities such as London took part in such events as well.
What intrigues me is how long can just do something that seems abnormal and just make it normal. That you can feel free to be free and others won’t be bothered by it. What a grand way to be.
Considering the tour on the past year in which individuals loudly noted who was dumb, deplorable, and dirty it is nice to be able to just defy convention en masse. Kind of a fun idea to be able to get a little cheeky and no one be bothered or offended by it. What other days can we think of enacting?  Could we all just go out and sing in the rain?  Considering that it’s been raining all week in Los Angeles and people were not used to rain here and us get into numerous car crashes perhaps can get out of their cars and just hop, skip and sing in the rain. Honestly, I would love anything that will get people out of their cars in LA.
Riding the subway without pants on but really intrigue being able to wear normal winter clothes without pants and remain serious. These days we are too quick to call people out on what’s weird or missing. I think it would be a great exercise in restraint to be able to ride the subway car fully clothed while others are not and to not be scandalized or outraged by it. These days we are so quick to become outraged by things instead of taking time to process what’s actually going on. So, let people not wear pants and roll with it. Just a day. And of course lack of pants does not mean riding naked. I would not advocate for that en masse. That would be icky and could possibly turn out badly. So, undergarment is required. OK. Moving on. 
To recap. We need some fun in our lives. We need some levity. We need we need to maintain our sense of humor. We need it all. Go out and start a movement. A really fun movement.


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  1. A similar event happened on the London Underground this weekend and I had a friend and his wife who participated. It received coverage (pardon the pun) in the Daily Mail. Maybe this phenomenon can be extended to poetry readings 🙂


  2. Do you remember the MASH episode where Hawkeye bet that the 4077 camp was so self absorbed and boring he could go naked all day and nobody would notice?


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