But then again, I had no set path when I started writing this bit


This year I flew more than 40,000 miles. I flew countless of flights and was delayed more times than I can count or remember. This year, started using waze (the gps app) in order to figure out how to get around Los Angeles in a quicker manner. By utilizing such an app, found countless number of paths to work and home and everywhere else in between. I didn’t have a set path this year. For that matter, I didn’t have a set path the last two or three years.  At times, I have been winging it. Other times, even best laid plans went out the window.   I mean, I had to chose between two routes to South Africa and I chose the one that sent me through Istanbul the day Turkey suffered a near coup attempt. Apparently, I chose the wrong flight route.  But who is to say the other route would have been the right one anyway?  Never know what could have happened there.


Paths can be uneven and unexpected. Considering how crazy my last two years have been I am looking forward to what this new year will bring. I have to readily admit that I kind of like the chaos of my past two years for they have certainly not been boring. I am thinking that I will start looking for a house in Los Angeles.  Considering the market here and how Los Angeles is morphing from a heavily industrial (contrary to stereotypes) to gentrified city, this can very well turn into a crazy adventure.


Even in the workplace, one has to choose routes that can have all sorts of consequences.  You can decide to walk by the office curmudgeon or go by the office nutjob. Not that I am talking about anyone ever in any of my past workplaces. I am just noting that offices tend to have certain worker types and your walking paths to the restroom may have to be carefully picked. Everywhere and at anytime, we are choosing our paths. Although sometimes we don’t. We just end up on certain paths serendipitously.  I just picked, a few weeks ago, the current path on which I am. But it feels like the paths from the past two years have been haphazard at best in a good way.  I feel good about the path I am heading on now.   But I also know that it won’t be a long winding path for me.   From here on out, there must be short paths. They can be winding. But they must be short. We can live long into the night or we may die young like a rock star in 2016.  There are so many unknowns. And we can always thank Donald Rumsfeld for making such an observation seem stupid and not pithy.   But this has been a long digression.  But then again, I had no set path when I started writing this bit. Just remember, that I‘m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. Oh, wrong quote.  How about this quote by Rosalia de Castro: “I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it“.

Now is the time to take stock but not necesarily do New Year’s resolutions. Those don’t last and are fairly meaningless. Want to think about the future? Go ahead and actually map out a path or two or three. What will each take from you and where will each get you?

May the new year hold many paths filled with laughter and warmth for you all. And may we find winding paths filled with surprises, bread crumbs, escape routes and turnbacks.


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  1. This is exactly what I want to hear going into the new year, not the “next year will be a better year” kind of nonsense. Thank you for the very well-written entry despite the lack of the set path in the beginning. You just proved not having a set path is sometimes the best decision to make.


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