The flan did me in


Just recently, thre Maltese Falcon was trending on twitter as a new set of people come to appreciate this gem of an old film. I love film noirs and Maltese Falcon is one such film. One of the best things about film noirs are the “Macguffins”, essentially objects that serve as storytelling devices that oftentimes prove to be irrelevant.  In recent times, R2D2 from Star Wars is such a Macguffin device, or so I have been told. Many years ago, I wrote about my own personal Macguffin– where I was never able to solve the mystery of a long-lost beige wallet. Looking back it was kind of cool to have my very own Maltese Falcon. Why do I bring this all up? Because I am going to talk about how a big plate of flan did me in this past week. I will let you make the connections.


Let me start with the actual flan.



I don’t cook but I wanted comfort food for Christmas, which makes total sense. I believe. For me comfort food is Puerto Rican food. I found the one Puerto Rican restaurant in Los Angeles and ordered a lot of food that would supposedly feed ten people.  In actuality it fed three of us well, for two days. Part of the order included a flan-a large flan to feed ten people (supposedly). Here is the thing. I didn’t grow up eating flan. Also, Puerto Rican flan is not flan. It is more like Flan de Queso or Caramel-topped Cream Cheese Custard. It is thick and tastes like the baby of cheese cake and flan. It is rather rich. Very rich and thick and I don;t have ot often. Let me walk that back. I can probably count on one hand how often I have had that version.


So that is the flan. Now here is my story.

We ordered the platters. We picked up the platters. We opened the gifts Christmas morning.  We then ate. We ate a feast. I had two mega-large servings of roast pork, yellow rice, some salad, chicken stew, fried bananas. I ate that all happily and I was just fine. I was ready to go see a movie.  Then, I got greedy. I decided to immediately have dessert. I don’t know how to pace myself when it comes to food. Luckily I work out a lot and everyday. Actually, I like working out. Thus, I give myself some lattitude when it comes to food.  I went ahead and served myself a large piece of flan. The taste was intoxicating as I hadn’t had this in a really, really long time. I ate merrily. Then I went to my room for a second and woke up an hour later. The flan knocked me out. I had been fine until I ate that piece of flan. I didn’t make it to the movies that day. Best laid plans sometimes go out the window. Then again, I tried not to make any real plans for Christmas day and my greed insured that no plans were to be had.


Despite the flan being a bit intoxicating, there was more than enough for me to bring some into work to share with my collegues as they were not really very familiar with Puerto Rican food.  I opened the refrigerator door and looked for the flan. The majority of the flan was gone. There was no way I would be able to bring in some flan to work.  I frowned. I was not heavily distraught by not being able to share the flan. But I was ticked off. I had a plan and that plan was just easily discarded by someone else. Such a small thing set me off on a rant for which I prepared an excel sheet with data points to ensure such a thing didn’t necessarily happen again. Well, it could possibly happen again but it wouldn’t happen so easily or through lack of forethought. I then felt a bit bad about my rant and then I didn’t. The new year is coming soon, very soon and I cannot have such chaos in my life. I am meant to have a different type of chaos where I don’t necessarily know where or what I want to be in life (when I grow up).  My life chaos should not include flan.


No more flan for me. Or perhaps it should be no more greed and unplanned, unproductive chaos.

And that’s my story.

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