I think my bladder wants to stage a revolt

I don’t have it in me to write tonight. My pen to paper action is dead in the water. Or rather, my keyboard action is nill.  I am lethargic, achy and uninspired. I had a million and one things to write about when I woke up this morning and then the day slipped away in a haze of cough drops, several cups of hot coffee, mulitple cups of hot orange juice and a number of echinecia tea cups. At this point I should buy stock in Yogi Teas. Despite all this drinking, my throat remains continously on the verge of closing and it doesn’t like those Nyquil capsules much.  Maybe I went about this all wrong. I should have perhaps started with a tub of rum.  Or at least one mojito. Rum can be a cure all, right?  Maybe I should have stomached a shot or two of gin. It worked for sailors back in the day.
As a result of all my attempts to coat my aching throat with hot liquids, my small bladder hates me today. I wouldn’t be surprised if it revolted against me but I honestly have no idea how a bladder would stage a revolt. Would said revolt be similar to a kid who threatens to hold their breath till infinity?  I imagine a version of Beauty and the Beast where my bladder starts singing menancingly “be our guest, be our guest”. My bladder really doesn’t mean it. 

Oh my! I have rambled on about my bladder. This nightime medicine does make one loopy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But in a bit of reality,  I must admit I feel sick. Its nothing major.  I caught a cold while attending a day-long Sunday work meeting in a place that had no heat. Granted this was Long Beach and not Des Moines, but I was still cold and it was cold enough to lead to me laying in bed shivering.  This also coincides with the day we drove me down from  San Francisco to Los Angeles for me to start yet again a new life.  A year has passed and dare I note it has been fast. But at this point I have not yet taken a vacation. It has been a year and a half. I am tired. My bladder is tired. 
I started to look at winter vacations in Alaska. I desperately want to visit that far off state. Yet my dreams must be delayed because the Anchorage-Fairbanks’ train schedule won’t work with my life/work schedule. A work meeting got moved to the week of Christmas and this didn’t seem to bother anyone. Sigh. As a result no Aurora Borealis for me this year.  A dream pushed back. 

Is this how we are now? I don’t mind having a lopsided work/life balance. I don’t necessarily suscribe to the notion work and life need be separate. Just sometimes it would be nice to catch a cold from having traveled to Alaska in the heights of a freezing winter than being in a cold room all day with business colleagues. 

I hear ya bladder.

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  1. As much as I feel bad that you’re sick and hope you feel better, this post also had me laughing. Feel better my friend and keep drinking those liquids. Your bladder will just have to adjust.


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