What if Rory has a son?

Ok. If you read the title of this blog and immediately knew who I was talking about, then that is wonderful. If you know who I am reffering to, but didn’t catch the recent release, then ignore the title. All others, trust that this will bear out.
I am a jaded New Yorker. I think New York is everything. Yet, I loved a sickening sweet tale of a mother-daughter best-friend relationship set in an amazingly quaint, quirky New England town. I love the Gilmore Girls. I will tell you why. Because there is a through and true love story of a mom and her daughter. All little girls dream of that.  My mom was not 16 when she had me so there was more of an age and generational difference between us than that between the Gilmore Girls. We thus didn’t have that type of Gilmore girl relationship. 
Despite my love of the premise, the show and of my own mom, I did not grow up dreaming of wanting a kid. And when I did discover that I was pregnant, I desperately wanted a boy. I prayed for one.  My mom had also always wanted a boy. But she had two girls. The one boy she was pregnant with, she sadly horrifically miscarried right in front of me. A sight I would never forget.  But I have now digressed onto a torturous path.  Permit me to veer back. 
I always knew that the circle of life premise would guide the ending of the Gilmore Girls. (Spoiler Alert) . It makes sense that Rory would be pregnant and start her own mother-child journey. Now, it seems implicitly understood that Rory would go on to have her own daughter with whom she could carry her rapid repartee.  But need it be so?  I think not. 
I would like to see Rory, and others similar to her, have a son. I see myself having a Gilmore-girl like relationship with my son. I don’t want to have to pull the mom card with him. I have hopes he will be honest and be able to confide in me. He sees a strong mommy where he already, apparently, tells everyone I am the boss wherever I go.  He sees that I travel on my own. He hears me laughing all the time and knows that I readily crack myself up. As he does himself now. He knows I can be a goofball and a nerd as well as being hip (well that last part is truly my hope).   He has my face, my birthmarks and my sense of happiness.  I hope to be his guide, his friend and his mentor. I want to help set high standards and a personal northstar.  I am sure that Rory could do so as well with a son. That bond need not exist just between mothers and daughters. 

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