As Frankie says, I need to relax but I won’t satisfice

This has been a couple long weeks. I could have ended this with that sentence and moved on. But I shall endeavor to be pithy. Eh. Not really. I shall endeavor to satisfice. But just stating that makes me angsty. Do you know what satisficing is? its that coworker of yours that always does the bare minimum. It is as if they are happy with being mediocre. And do you know what I truly hate? Being average. Of course, I do readily note when people call me short that I am at the American female average height. Do I wish I were taller? Yes, I do. Which is why I give my son a cup of milk every day. He will be tall.  So, in terms of height I’m ok being average. But otherwise, I won’t stand for mediocrity. Those that aim to be average and nothing more don’t belong in my world view. Harsh? Not really.
Here is the thing. I know at times I push too far or too hard. But with hard work comes a happy conscious and a delightful skip to one’s walk. Try it. After working super hard these past few weeks, where I constantly got to see beautiful sunrises, I also got an awesome sunset. Yes, I can view it as burning the midnight oil. Oh, there I go with yet another idiom  This one reminds me of when Mary on Little House on the Prairie was trying to study late into the night and caused a horrible fire. I am not too sure what the moral of that story was. So sorry. I have gone way off topic, again. Now, where was I? Ah, yes working like a dog. Or rather, working hard. Catching both the sunrise and sunset can be tiring but also invigorating and relaxing. It is everything at once. But it is also just plain old awesome. 

And there it is. If you don’t satisfice you will catch wonders.

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  1. A Joe Walsh lyric, ‘they say I’m lazy but it takes all my time’. 🙂

    I worked for a small business for many years. The owner expected we would work really hard but also go home at 5:00. So we did both.

    Knowing when to stop, too. Yeah, can’t stand the slackers.


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