Pet peeve: Why do people violate the first rule of fight club?

Have you seen Fight Club? I have a set of windows in my Los Angeles apartment that are very reminiscent of a few scenes in the movie.  From my window you can see the financial institutions. It is a beautiful view. 

Anyway, Fight Club was a great movie. That was back when Brad Pitt had done some awesome movies and the fabulous Edward Norton was still acting (a lot).   Life was ostensibly simpler then. You had one major rule: Don’t talk about Fight Club. Your second rule was the same. The third rule noted that if someone says stop or goes limp, taps out, the fight is over. Fourth rule, only two per fight. Does that not seem entirely fair?  Then why do people violate those rules all the time?

Now you be wondering if I mean figuratively or literally. Listen, it is a post-truth world. The truth, and all meaning is your for the taking. 
I personally think that these rules should be placed in every workplace break rule and just get rid of those pesky OSHA requirements. Hmm. I think this makes a great opening statement in a cover letter. What do you think? 
I have ranted and I have raved. But what am I so peeved about. Honestly, I can’t remember. I started writing this in the middle of a meeting where I felt my brain was about to burst. And in that moment I  kept visualizing scenes from Fight Club. It just seemed to me that a sense of honor and belonging to a team was no longer a given. Seems like being rated a team player may be considered a bad thing now. 
I sat in a meeting where someone completely disavowed ever agreeing to something that had agreed to a week prior in front of everyone else. This is the post-truth world. This person engaged in this obfuscation to save his own behind. Although, that was never on the line. This person would be a horrible member of fight club. They would be the first to tell others about fight club. He would probably proclaim that he started the whole movement. He would also most definitely not just fight one on one. These days there is no honor even amongst theives.  This is what peeves me today.  This person is not the only one. There are so many more out there. 
Know the basic rules. Abide by them. Be honorable. Too much to ask for? 

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