At the stroke of midnight, hitting my goals

I will admit to wearing a fitbit. The last few months I have not been all that great exercise-wise, according to the purple but, as I have not always been hotting my daily 10,000 steps goal. See, the fitbit doesn’t care that I have a torn miniscus in my knee and I am trying everything in my power to not have an operation. I just don’t believe in cutting into any part of my body. I suppose that is not such a weird thought and belief. But I digress. My fit-bit allows me no excuses. Should I really be held to the same standard goal as an able-bodied person?  Sure, I suppose. Notably, I am the one that set that 10,000 daily step goal. I could change it. But I am too lazy to try to figure out how to reprogram my fit-bit. I’d rather just try to hit the step goal. I like trying to achieve. Its how I have gotten to where I am at today. No fight has kept me down.  I digress yet again. My apologies.
While my knee is nowhere at full strength, I am improving. Just the other night I decided to look at my fitbit to see where I stood on that day’s  goal. It was 11:51pm and I was 900 steps from reaching 10,000. I was tired yet awake. I was achy yet determined. I got up and like a maniac I took to pacing. It was actually a great thing to do right before sleeping. I completely recommend pacing crazily right before you head to bed. You get the crazies and sillies out that way. You tire your body out so it won’t twist and turn. And your mind won’t ruminate. But I digress. Again, my 101 apologies.
Right before it hit midnight, I made my 10,000 goal. Sure, it would have been nice to hit the goal earlier in the day but a win is a win. I went to sleep feeling accomplished. Despite barely making it, I had indeed met my goal. It counted. 
So, I think I have a takeaway. Set one small goal a day that you could possibly make right before midnight. Perhaps, it is to clean out the refrigerator, or do 20 situps, or send out a thank you note. Life need not be complicated. Its just nice to have a win right as the day comes to its end and you face a new day. Try it.

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