Parker Posey where are you?


She loved catching Off Broadway shows, watching random celebrities in off-kilter humor. She once saw Parker Posey doing a phenomenally quirky job and became her biggest fan. She caught Posey’s films, one after the other.   Then life got complicated and she didn’t catch any other Posey films. Where there any? Where had Posey gone?


As she stared at the castle that was yo be her home, shad a feeling this was where Parkey Posey was hiding out.  She could envision her running from turret to turret singing the “hills are alive with the sound of music.” She was there. Just had to search the crawl spaces. 




You look skeptical?

But why shouldn’t this be true she asked the audience?

Stranger things have and are happening…

There is no more normal. And apparently truth is negotiable.

She stopped.

They stared.

They ran for the hills.

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