She didn’t know her past but knew she could flee the interrogation room

What was she to believe? Her own eyes? Her own words? She kept going through the day over and over again. 

“Tell me the truth.”

Was there a truth, she wondered.

Apparently there are no realities. 

She had left home feeling ecstatic or so she was led to believe. 

Now she was someone else. 

“Tell me the truth.”

She was scared. No one had any answers. Yet they looked at her hoping her body would tell them. They prodded her repeatedly to no avail. They were all with doctors with no concrete answers. They should be ashamed of themselves. But they weren’t because they were arrogant.  Thus, she only had herself to rely on. 

She stared at the mirror as she sat tied to the rickety chair in the middle of the basement room. 

“Tell me the truth”

 She had no truths to tell. She sat there wondering how her memory had been completely wiped. How could she now not have a past and just a future? Despite it all, she knew they would be coming for her. The shotgun stood in the far right corner. She didn’t know about her past, but she knew she could run when the time came.



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