It is a beautiful world or at least I can picture it so


I have been having a rough few weeks with torn knee muscles, being home bound and having had to work countless weekends in a row.  Staying home and watching television doesn’t help matters as most of what you can find on television is fairly depressing.  And I am talking about the news.

I got to escape for a few hours to the valley. I wanted to go to beach but that was not to be. I was happy to sit on the hot grass and soak in some sunshine so that I van hopefully quiet my doctor who keeps complaining to me about my Vitamin D deficiency. Seriously, what am I to do about the fact that I am Latina (a risk factor) and that I work in an office with no windows?  I can quit my job but I have got bills to pay and the rent is too high.

Thus my vitamin D intake occurs when it can, which is not often. Of course, I could try to take my vitamin D supplements. But I can never find my bottle. Looking for it can be tiring and I can eat a yummy dessert in that time. I jest and I ramble. Did you know that on September 1st, 1897 the Tremont Street Subway opened in Boston? It became the first underground rapid transit system in North America. Such an event most definitely changed my life a century later as I don’t drive and rely heavily on public transportation. Of course, as a die-hard New Yorker, I must note that is one of the few times I will praise anything coming out of Boston. No Tom Brady fan here.


But back to the future. Or rather my present. I need happy things to focus on as my knee situation just bites.  I can overcome and I already have started a plan to try to fix my knee without an operation. That is who I am and who I have always been. I don’t accept the situation as is and I formulate a plan. Let’s see what I can do. Desire and fortitude are two parts of this equation going forward.

As I was soaking in the sun while hanging out in the grass on the valley, I looked across the field and snapped a photo. In between the water spurts, were people lounging, laughing and seemingly enjoying life. In that moment everything was captured. Its all in how you frame your life and with what lens you look out onto the world. Life is certainly not easy. However, can try to find that one moment of joy anywhere, anytime.



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  1. Try Vi-Activ. Calcium with Vitamin D, which I believe is necessary for bones to process the calcium. You can get them at a drug store or grocery and they come in yummy, not gummy, chewable flavors, like chocolate and caramel. I take them as a bedtime treat, almost like candy. You might even be able to kill two birds with one stone this way – increasing your Vitamin D per doctor’s orders and increasing your calcium which might help your knee problems but certainly couldn’t hurt. Good luck.


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