My Morning Life Treat: Catching the Moon

I see a bad moon rising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin’.
I see bad times today.



I love seeing the moon. It is stunning and brings one to a dreamy world both literally and metaphorically. Can you look at the moon and be mad? I think not, despite Creedence Clearwater Revival’s protestations.  Or rather yet, Fogerty’s take on the world who was severely screwed over as the lead singer. But that is rock history and I am not here to belabor that point.

A few mornings ago, I woke up super early as I tend to do. I am an early bird that severely disturbs other people in general. I am usually up by 5am If I were to wake up by 6:30am, that is considered sleeping in.  I get up, make the coffee and proceed to have three cups of coffee before the time most people get up. Sugar and caffeine course through my vein.  Living in California, waking up so early affords me a few benefits, as I can watch live the morning shows that go by east coast time.  As such, I feel like I am in the know. Also, I think I just can’t get east coast time out of my DNA. Maybe if I were to live in California for 20 years I may eventually start waking yo past 7am.   Not too sure that will happen, though. Anyway, back to my early rise the other morning.

I work up extremely early. Earlier than mu usual time. I went into the living as a character of the Walking Dead.  I went to make my coffee. I walked over to my couch. Then I looked out my window and what I treat I got.




Outside my window was the best Moon view I have ever had. And to think, I experienced this in downtown Los Angeles. I felt so fortunate, that morning, to be an early riser.  There are only so many things to experience in the world if you are constantly sleeping. So, put me in coach and keep me awake. Pass the espresso, by the way.


@psychologist mimi



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  1. Great post Mimi. I love the moon too and i love it that you put a moon shot in your morning post!
    I love living in China, cause over here there’s a whole festival for the moon, and its coming up soon!
    As for John Fogerty – rave on as much as you like! His voice, his songs, Creedence….I dont think this song was anti-moon ( lol) just a song about omens….. I think its great he is still going strong…..


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