Today’s pet peeve: tucked in sheets

I love to travel. I like meeting new people and learning of new cultural scripts. I like walking around for miles and miles. I like trying new sauces. I enjoy working out at hotel gyms, even the tiny ones with just two treadmill machines. My son has taken a likening to room service because he likes the idea of eating while watching television. I don’t care much for $25 hamburgers. 

You know what else I don’t like while on travel? I don’t like tucked in sheets. Sure, it makes the room neat and tidy. It gives a sense of calm and order. People love to leave a messy room in the morning and come back to a nicely ordered and tidied up room in the evening. It is indeed nice to have someone else make the bed. I know, I surely don’t do it. It doesn’t bother me to have a messy bed at home. At a hotel it does irk me a bit. Strange that it would when I am generally a very messy person.

Now, while I like a tidied up hotel room, I can not stand a tucked in bed. I don’t get the point of tucked in sheets. The second I get set to sleep, I unstuck the bottoms of the bed so that my body and specifically my feet can be free. Apparently, there are people who do sleep with their sheets tucked in. To me, that is way too confining. As someone who sleeps diagonally, I believe there should be an ability to stick out one’s toes from under the sheets. 

Now that I let that out, I can go about my normal daily basis and travels. Back to my regularly scheduled programming. 

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  1. Me, too. And that is why the little airbnb in my granny flat downstairs has a fitted sheet on the bed with the flat sheet loosely tucked into the side of the bed (NOT under the mattress) and the bottom just folded under. No straight-jacket claustrophobic sheets at my place!


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