A latte does the body good for this traveling girl

I am not a coffee lover in the strictest sense of the term despite drinking 3 cups of coffee every day by 10am. I am not a person who loves a cup of plain Joe in the morning. I don’t relish drinking coffee the way I do a cup of English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea. I do, however, really value coffee and it’s wondrous, magical powers to get me going. You won’t, however, catch me drinking regular coffee at Dennys or IHOP.
I like my coffee sweet, milky and frothy I came out the complete opposite of my mother. She liked the taste of coffee,  black coffee. If she didn’t have a cup of coffee by 9am, she was hurting. Literally. She would get those caffeine headaches or rather those headaches brought on by lack of coffee. I always thought that strange. I also thought my body was above such caffeine reliance. Yes, I know I already admitted I drink three cups by 10am. But that is because I want to. I gave up sweets, you see. Thus, my syrupy, frothy concoctions, both homemade and basrista-made, satisfy my sweet-tooth. So, I am not addicted to coffee. It just helps satisfy my sugar addiction. 
On my current trip to South Africa I came to understand a little bit better my relationship with coffee. And it is always a good thing to self-reflect and grow in one’s self-awareness. The physical aspect of my trip was difficult. Two 10 hour plus flights really cramped my body. I also didn’t drink an ounce, a smidgen, of coffee. I didn’t relish the idea of airplane coffee. If I don’t do diner coffee I’m not about to do airplane coffee. Thus, I went two days without it. Then we landed and our transportation and hotel were a tad bit complicated. Let’s just say I screwed up the hotel selection a little. I’m usually very good at selecting hotels. I’m not to sure how I got this so wrong. I failed myself. 

Anyway, because of the hotel issues I went another two days without coffee. I’ve also now gone five days without working out and I’m going mad and desperate. Anyway, I finally got regular coffee this morning. Within 15 minutes I felt quite nauseous. I didn’t want to stress my family out so I stayed mum. 
There I was nauseous, tired, achy and caffeine deprived. It says a lot about my constitution that I managed to stay friendly and cheery even with those that were sullen and angry. We walked and saw. Then we sat to eat lunch and there on the menu was a latte. A latte! I didn’t care that it was full fat milk. They asked if I wanted foam or cream and I didn’t quite understand but I asked for foam and I got the tastiest latte. Well, it wasn’t literally the tastiest latte. It had no hazelnut syrup, afterall. However, my body found it super tasty. My body woke up. My headache was eased. I then understood my relationship with coffee. I needed lattes no ifs or buts. I didn’t need coffee. I needed milky, steamy coffee because of coffee itself. It wasn’t just about the sugar. My mom would probably be aghast. I like my coffee elaborate and hot. I can work with that. Sorry mom.

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  1. If that’s what your latte looked like, live and in person, well, it almost looks too pretty to drink. I don’t think it was really the frou frou aspect that you were missing, though. Admit it, Mimi, you’re just a caffeine addict, since what you described sounds to me like symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.
    Now, lest you think I am being too sanctimonious in my put downs of frou frou coffee, let me confess that since shortly before my retirement I have allowed myself the luxury of a good shot or two of those commercial liquid flavored coffee creamers. Of course I try to get them low fat or low sugar but, really, who an I kidding here? They all have the same amount of calories, 35 per tsp I think, and that’s what I really want to minimize so starting my day off that way already puts me 100 calories or so in the red, and I don’t even measure or keep track of what goes in my usual morning two cups, which I have foregone for the last month or so because the scale showed me how far in the red I had truly gone and it’s too damn hot anyway!
    When I first started drinking coffee in college, I was a black and dark in the cup girl, mainly because I was thinking that would be the best way to stay alert for late night studying. It worked that way, but more as a diuretic than source of caffeine since my bladder called me to stay awake on a regular basis during those long tedious nights. I also enjoyed a cup of Earl Gray or English breakfast, decaffeinated versions by Tetley, to calm me of an evening during my single years and the more turbulent times of child rearing. Now, I like my Old Fart’s cup of hot cocoa, on a cold night or a cold afternoon, and my biggest splurge is an Oprah iced chai tea latte from Starbucks, but only if it’s one located in a grocery store!


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