Not sweating the micro, nitpicky details of my travels in South Africa


I am nearing the end of my stay in South Africa. Although, tomorrow I get to visit some places of importance in Mandela’s personal history and I am excited to experience that. Furthermore, my return trip is through Istanbul so let’s see what happens and how I get back to California. Where’s LL Cool J when you need a rhyme?

Anyway, I digress as I tend to do. I ramble. I’m a stream of consciousness girl. I am meta about my rambling. Its all good. 

My trip started off auspiciously with pre-warnings and then with multiple horrible news stories emanating from my home country of the United States and from key hot spots in the world. Upon landing in South Africa I was left wondering how I would get back home. Then my hotel was a messy situation. But then I came to learn others had far worse situations. I shrugged at my situation of being far away from.the conference (thus necessitating at times creative solutions of transport) and noted “it is, what it is”.  You really can’t sweat the small stuff when traveling abroad. If you do, you will end up a nervous wreck. 
Much can and does go wrong. For instance, you can miss the only shuttle bus to your destination. You can end up with no good way of posting your poster at the conference (the main reason you came afterall). You can have a severe shellfish allergy and yet the only open restaurant to be found while you are starving is a seafood restaurant. Hey, that’s what Epi Pens are for. You can sign up for a tour by locals and have that local get totally lost and you save the day with your phone GPS. You can be an exercise fanatic that is staying somewhere that has no gym. Just saying. Sigh. You breathe in and keep going looking for the good things. It may sound trite. Shoot, it is trite. But it is what it is. By the way Melania Trump feel free to use those aforementioned lines. 

I ended up working around my travails and had an experience to remember. I had a great poster. I found a great Italian restaurant that I visited multiple times. Had fun at the aquarium where the fishes were vibrant. Learned tons from the local cab drivers about living in Durban. I went into local, traditional markets that were in no way touristy. I nearly passed out from the local herbal medicine concoctions.  No way could I have learned and experienced  those things if I weren’t staying at such a faraway hotel. 

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