Am I regressing: I have high need for naps now


I have never been much of a napper.  As a baby I tended to be awake. I was constantly crying and then I was constantly talking. My mom used to say her head would often throb at the end of the day due to my constant and consistent chattering. I didn’t like naps. I just wanted to be in the middle of everything.


Then as young adult, I saw napping as a waste of time.  I had places to be and explore. Then I had a dissertation to write. I had no time to nap. I started drinking coffee to help me stay awake into the early dawn. Then I got a real job that I wanted to excel at. I worked hard day and night. Then I started traveling for work week after week. I didn’t nap on planes. Even after a long flight to Australia, I didn’t nap on the flight. I landed and was ready to hit the streets.


All this to say, I can and have made it without napping. I take great pride in the fact that I normally do not nap. I once had a staff member who was constantly talking about how she needed to nap. She hated early morning meetings because she liked sleeping.   If we had made meetings to start at 9pm, I believe she would have been extremely happy. Instead she was always a bit grumpy. Presumably due to her lack of (extra) sleep. I, on the other hand despite lack of (normal) sleep, was high energy. I love the fact that I do not need much sleep. Although, I wish that I would take that non-sleep time to invent great things instead of listening to yet another complaint from ..well, just about everyone.


Now, at my new job an being slightly older, I have had to ramp up my high energy. In taking over a new place, I have to work on staff morale and always keep my positive attitude going. This takes a lot of energy. And now it seems that I am finally starting to deplete my energy reserves. In the past four months, I have taken about four naps. That is a huge amount of nap time for me. I have felt my body start to get tired, as well as my mind, and then I go and lie on the couch that gets the full sunlight. There is nothing like getting sun when you are energy-depleted. This all leads me to wonder if I am starting to regress. Since I didn’t many nap sessions as a kid, my body may be finally calling in its nap chips.


Arianna Huffington just wrote a book about sleep that she has been busy promoting on every news show, as if the need for sleep is news.   You can’t win with cable news channels anymore. There is no news and it is just all talking heads yelling at each other or chastising us for not sleeping enough. As if society, as a collective, has much choice. I ride Uber everyday and most of my Uber drivers are working a minimum of two jobs in order to be able to afford living in the city or put their kid through school or have enough for food. Sleep? For the most part who has time for it? But I get it. I seem to be needing a bit more sleep these days.  Or maybe it is just that I need sun. My naps do tend to coincide with the couch-in-the-sun location and availability. Now that I get. I am hungry for sunlight. y body is starving for it.  I suppose its a win/win to sleep in the sun. If only I could do that more often than 4 times in 4 months.







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  1. Sleep is more important than scientists thought. Not enough can shorten your life, according to the new belief. Yes, you can deplete your body’s immune system as well. It is recommended that we all get between 7 and 9 hours. Who does?


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