Being blindsided: I get Kelly Ripa’s anger


The (not-so-funny) comedian Joy Behar recently commented on the Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan rift, by noting that Kelly has no real reason to be angry at being “blindsided”. She noted that is the way show business works. Perhaps that is true. I’m not in show business. However, I am part of the overall workforce and I know I would be greatly disappointed,as well as angry, if my producers (bosses) went and essentially changed my show without telling me and proceeded to tell me only 30 minutes before the changes took place.  That is just not cool. Yet, we know of individuals that see no problem doing such heinous workplace behaviors. To me, what Kelly Ripa went through is the quintessential act of blindsiding.  Her TV co-host, had been given a major break by her when she picked him as her co-host, accepted an offer from their bosses to go onto another show and didn’t tell her till very much the last minute. Tell me this: how do you disrespect the person that gave you that leg up when you needed it?


In football, blindsiding a quarterback is a brilliant defensive play.  Or so I may have heard, I don’t really watch football, other than the Superbowl where I usually root for the underdog. Anyway, blindsiding can be brilliant in a competitive sport. In the workplace, not so much. In particular, it is not a good move, if you plan to try to stay in that same job working with the same people you just blindsided. I, for one, don’t get over such behavior by others. And, I myself, don’t do it -unless I am quitting my job which in itself is a blindsiding move, at times.

Overall, when you are blindsided in a situation, you are left with a great bad taste in your soul and being. That is why my number one rule in the workplace is “I will always have your back in public just don’t blindside me.” It’s my major rule. I can deal with other workplace issues such as forgetfulness, errors and stupidity.  However, blindsiding is unacceptable.

To me, when you blindside someone, it shows you have no honor and that is a big deal to me. The work place has become of cesspool of people thinking a fake image and greed is everything they need to get ahead.  There are some people you can look at in the eye and you know there is no sense of honor in there.

I, for one, believe that honor should still reign king in the workplace. You are thrown into an environment where you have to try to get along with a number of different people. Sometimes, you have a shared purpose above getting paid. Sometimes, you do not. Regardless, having one’s back should be high on everybody’s list. Think of work being a battlefield of sorts where you leave no man behind and you provide cover to all. That means, no blindsiding.

Because I immediately let everyone know of my “no blindsiding rule“, I have not often been blindsided.  Most of my past team members have taken that very seriously  and often come to me ahead of time when they know there may be some kind of sh*tstorm brewing However, it has happened. I have been blindsided a handful of times. What I have found  most disconcerting when I have been blindsided were the obvious attempts by the blindsider to cover his/her tracks.  Blindsiders tend to be horrible at covering their tracks either because they truly don’t care or they blindsided you because they are stupid or both. Regardless of blindsiding motive, blindsiders are bad at covering their tracks.

I once was blindsided by a team member that I had helped mentor and develop into a rock star, of sorts. Yet others had warned me that he was a jealous, diva type and was not a very nice person overall.  I hadn’t truly seen that part of him until that moment where he got caught in most spectacular fashion blindsiding me. I never really spoke to him after that. he had no legitimate excuse other than he was trying to get his way in a situation that was just wrong.  I moved on and just had nothing left to say to him every again. He purposely violated my one rule despite all my previous personal support to me in order to further some odd personal gain and destroy another person (not me but someone he was jealous of).  A person like that deserves to be written out of one’s personal history book. And so he was by me.

Do I get Kelly Ripa’s anger? I sure do.  I will still trust others to not blindside me. But once they do, it’s done.  Harsh Life is too short.


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  1. I love the way you phrased this, as a comparison to blindsiding in sports especially. I TOTALLY get her anger. I love that she said, I need some time to myself and to my family to sort all of this out. I am proud that as a woman, she showed we NEED time to process, we cannot just jump as soon as they say so. I also admire her real honesty in the situation. Good for you for learning to tell people you don’t want to be blind-sided…As someone who can be, I think I am going to follow your example from now on and ask for the same!


    • thanks! yes, I really like that she needed and took the time to process. It doesn’t pay to just jump into the emotional fray. Indeed, do let people know what you will and will not take. Its liberating 🙂 have a great weekend ahead.


  2. I recommend you see the movie “The Blind Side” which reinforces your concept of the term while at the same time educating you on its definition and derivation..


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