mental health

The angels told me where we were going in the same direction


She picked the seat closest to the window after much thought. It was empty so she could pick what she wanted and the decision was too much for her. She stared into nothingness. She was giving her brain a break. She needed that.


FF_J Hardy Carroll

Then he came and sat immediately next to her despite there being a room-filled of empty seats.

She wanted to ignore him but it was too odd to not look at him.

She turned.

“Can you talk to me? I am having a panic attack. It doesn’t matter what you say”

Her brain kicked in

“Yeah, I am leaving for good but it doesn’t matter where I am headed

“That’s why I came to you.  The angels told me where we were going in the same direction.

She got up and took his hand and they walked onto the platform

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