A hall of ghostly apparition-He will slay me


Clad in a tuxedo he whizzed by me
Then dressed in a black and white zoot suit
He wanted to tap my shoulder
But instead he sang into my ear

I opened the door
He snuck out behind me
Playing hide and go seek with my fears
He stealthily kept score

I walked down the hall
And he skipped behind me
I smelled sulfur or was that pistachio?
I hurried but he tugged at my brain

In the elevator he stood smiling
A menacing grin that kept evil at bay
A Guardian angel?
An exclusive torturer?


I am scared.

I cannot run

I cannot hide

I must face that grin

I must face that hand

I must face the fear

He will slay me

He will play me

He will not own me



Categories: death, family, mental health, Poetry, Psychology, weird

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