Monkey pod–what? Totally random travel annoying conversations



I am sitting in the so-called quiet zone in the American Airlines lounge. I don’t sit there because I have a dire need for quiet. I can readily work with a ton of noise around me.  As a matter of fact when I am working from home, I tend to have the television on as well as a random show playing on an iPad. Some may say that is a bit ADD (attention deficit disorder).  That, however, is not the case at all. I can tune out and tune in very well. I don’t necessarily get super distracted. And even if I do get distracted, what is the worse that can happen? It’s not like I am performing brain surgery. But then again, if Ben Carson can do it… Onwards

I am sitting in the quiet zone in the American Airlines lounge. I am typing away munching on some highly-addictive olives. I am not too sure why I eat them. But every time I go to the lounge I eat these olives that are soaked in oil and maybe have a pound of salt on them. Yum, salt. I do believe that I am addicted to salt. I would say a high percentage of Americans are similarly addicted. Lucky for me, I work out twice a day and can maintain a healthy blood pressure point. Salt doesn’t affect me–yet.


I am sitting trying to concentrate on what I don’t know anymore. I am typing away but the words leave my fingertips and don’t enter my brain. It’s not a bad way to exist.  I keep typing away hoping that I have not given away any state secrets. I am just kidding. I do not work for the “state.” I just wrote that because, even though I am in the quiet zone, an idiot insists on speaking and uttering ridiculous statements so that we can all hear.  Sigh. Does he realize what a douche he is? Probably not. He probably wants us all to listen in on his conversation and think of him as a brilliant, funny man. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Anyway, this man for some reason, keeps saying the phrase “monkey pod” over and over again. He is laughing hysterically about it and keeps repeating the phrase. Every two seconds he says “monkey pod, monkey pod.”

I admit, I couldn’t keep typing. I had to look up “monkey pod”. Apparently that is the name of a Polynesian restaurant in Maui, Hawaii.  Now, I got hungry and the olives were just making me thirsty. Which was appropriate in that I felt like I was in a Seinfeld skit right at that moment. Monkey pod is also used to describe certain plants. That does not seem like it it would warrant such hysterical,  disruptive laughter in the quiet zone. Apparently, Monkey Pod is also some kind of computer technology thing. Yes, that was real technical on my part. Whatever it is, I just want some quiet in the quiet zone. I want a few minutes of freedom where I am not subjected to random, silly conversations. I get enough of that at work and the playground. I actually don’t hang out at playgrounds.


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