Today’s Pet Peeve: Tubs with no shower


We all have pet peeves. Each day, I come to realize I have more and more pet peeves. Is this because I am getting older and am nearing the curmudgeon stage of my life?  Maybe it is that having lived as long as I have, I have come to recognize what I like and don’t like.  I would say that is completely valid and too rational and normal. Boring. But then again, why should we have lived experience and not value and recognize it? That would be silly and foolish and I am not foolish (despite what some jealous people would like to state). Anyway, here is my pet peeve of the day. I hate bathtubs without a shower head.


Fancy, deep soaking tubs are meant to be sat in. One is meant to shake in some bubbles and pour in the Calgon. We are to scream ” oh Calgon, take me away.” One is to just close one eyes and relax. I get it. However, despite getting it, I use my bath time for catching up with my gossip magazines, play civilization where I massacre everyone, and answer short work emails. I know. I know. But because I am in meeting after meeting day in and day out, when but during my bath, do I get to respond to the miserables?


I love baths. I try to take one everyday. Even answering emails, I get to relax a bit. My problem is that I pour in a lot of bubbles. I use my son’s bubble bath bottle.  He doesn’t know that I do that. I am going to keep that a secret from him for now. Although, he is so easy going, he would be cool with me using his bubbles. Anyway., because I use so many bubbles, I need to bathe for about 40 minutes for them to water down.  If I have to get out before then, I have to find a way to rinse out the bubbles on my body. Without a shower head, that is a bit more difficult.  I have to scoop up water or run to the adjoining shower.  Why should my bath be made any more difficult? It’s bad enough I take work calls as well when I am in the tub.


I suppose there are worse things in life.  I certainly have experienced worse and certainly have had bigger hardships to overcome. Back to my tub and my In Touch magazine.


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  1. I have one as well. I just think of it as my jacuzzi. When I am done I simply stand up and fill a large plastic cup and rinse. I like it. Shower curtains are great but I have seen some with hair caught on them, or dirty, or torn. Mine are not ( due to cleaning!) but actually without the shower curtain, my bathroom seems larger. Different strokes for different folks. Have a blessed day!


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