This is planet earth..what signs of life are around?

Back in 1981, a little known group (ha!) named Duran Duran released a song called Planet Earth.  I have liked that song despite it not being one of the more widely listened and downloaded Duran Duran songs.

look now, look all around, there’s no sign of life

 voices, another sound, can you hear me now?

this is planet earth, you’re looking at planet earth

When you look around now, what do we see in terms of planet earth?


A baby carriage alone on a beach. Where is the child? What does the future hold for this hidden child? wp-1462727136925.jpg


A man is fishing facing the water. He is facing nature and interacting with it. Several feet away from him, is a couple with a stick taking a selfie with the water behind them framing their pose. One faces the world. The other frames and positions it as part of their life’s collage. 


Then there is the wide open stretch of sand with hundreds of footprints all about. Which oath should one take?



I welcome your thoughts

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