For now, I will relish the unpredictable future


I think that at least once a day, I stop and wonder for a brief New York second what the future holds.  As I am in my millionth meeting for the day and I sip (or rather down) my 4th cup of coffee for the day, I fantasize for a second being elsewhere in my happy place whether it is Hawaii or in the middle of a hiking trail.


We don’t often know what the future really holds. The future is filled with probabilities. We may have an event put on our calendar for the week, but whether it truly happens we won’t know until we are in the middle of the event.  I often print out my meeting calendar for the week and by Friday, a good 25% didn’t occur. Which often makes me quite happy as I get to have a reprieve and use the restroom or eat.


As I am in the beginning part of my 3rd job within a year, I do wonder where I will be next year. I have lived in NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Where next? Where next?



I came across this monument, this item, off the coast of Half Moon Bay, and it made me stop for a second wondering what it had been in the past, what purpose does it serve now and what will it be in a few years, if still around?  We do not have the luxury of standing in place for long these days, solidifying our base.  At least, I do not. Its as if I am that monument that has many splashing waves all around me slowly getting at my base.   Well, that is not right. I am not necessarily standing around waiting.  I make my own future. Or so I hope and do, at times.


I like to think I am piloting my own life helicopter and riding it off into new horizons that keep expanding day by day.


Sadly, I am not quite fortunate as Kobe Bryant who has the luxury of “retiring” from basketball at the young age of 37.  Indeed, he did work for 20 years at the same job. Not a bad career. Where will he go now, besides Disneyland?   By most health statistics, he can live another 40 years or so. What does one do with all that time when you have reached a great pinnacle? These days we can have three or four careers and shifts in our lives.


The future seems as unpredictable as it did back when I was 10 years old.  I think that is a good thing. Except for when I am trying to plan my lunch breaks and keep healthy. But that is for another day’s discussion. For now, I will relish the unpredictable future.





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  1. You know, even Kobe had to have a plan before he retired. I think he learned what can happen if you don’t from the painful experience of his already retired colleagues, like Shaq and Lamar Odom. Funny how all retirees have common experiences in this regard, even relatively poor ones like me.


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