His neurons were everywhere and so he played on



He was tired, hungry and scared.

He was hungry for company and conversation. He wanted to utter coherent words strung together to form complete thoughts. He wanted someone to hear those words strung together. He wanted someone to respond.  He wanted so much.  He needed more than what could be given to him by anybody.

In battle, there as so much noise. In battle, there is so much quiet.  Amazing that both the noise and quiet could co-exist in the same space.  They made his head spin and his mind race. His pulse elevated at all times. His mind kept shooting and shooting. His neurons were everywhere. 

The quiet startled him. The quiet when others were around scared him. Lips could move and yet he could not understand.

Time was backwards and forwards. Past and future co-exist. He could remember ten seconds ago in one moment and completely mis-remember that time of occurrence minutes later.  Time was dynamic and fluid and wrecked havoc in his everyday life. He just wanted to firmly grasp and hold on to a moment. Just one moment in time within his hands could change everything.

The battle for one’s life is never easy.

photo fiction 31


He sat there rocking back and forth. Back and forth.  They stared at him with goofy worried grins. He stared past them. Right now, in his head, he was on the battlefield.  Right now on the battlefield he was playing a tune on the piano that so randomly stands in his forest of dreams.

A cacophony.

A misty bubble.

Can he break through?

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