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Stealing nuns, cat-rage and violent toilet explosions: wacky world



It’s that time again to review the ludicrously wacky world in which we eat, work and live. It’s a shame that the national news has solely focused on Donald Trump’s wacky antics as there is so much more out there that is just nutty. Here is a quick review of some of the headlines and events that caught my wacky eye sense.

First off, please don’t get angry fellow bloggers. However, “grammar police” have been found by psychologists to be jerks. Yes, a recent study in which individuals were exposed to grammatical errors found that those that corrected those errors scored highly on those personality traits that are not so nice.   Want to be liked? Then, do as Frozen says “let it go.”
Second, what was the US State Department thinking?  The State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs sent out a tweet  that offered ugly American’s overseas some advice.  They basically tried to warn ugly-looking Americans that if they are getting some free drinks they should be on guard. They specifically said: Not a ‘10’ in the US? Then not a 10 overseas. Beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or worse – being robbed”   Folks, this is our taxpayers money at work!  Ouch.


Third, fish pick their friends based on food preference and I totally get that!  Who knew fish could be so savvy. I mean if you prefer spicy calamari and others don’t would you want to hang with them? It would be no fun swimming around with a group that didn’t care for spice. Just saying.


Fourth, work is dragging you down? Are you thinking about taking naps while at work? Don’t do it! See, here is the deal. Daytime sleepiness and long naps during the day are linked to elevated heart risks. It’s just another way that our work screws us over.


Fifth, this one is for the birds. City birds, that is. Apparently, city birds are smarter than the country birds.   Not only are they smarter but they also have stronger immune systems. Makes total sense to me. City birds are more likely to inject bubonic-plagued rats than the country birds. I mean, what dangers do country birds face other than maybe being shot at for target practice?

Sixth, this one makes me sad. State Pennsylvania police arrested a 78-year-old nun for shoplifting $23 worth of coffee, snacks and toiletries from a store.  Maybe Jane’s addiction can update their “Been caught stealing song“?

Seventh, a woman in Baltimore was blown off the toilet seat in her home and is now suing the Mayor. Horrifically, she was covered in feces. Luckily, it was her own. Not funny?  eh, moving on.

Eight, a young woman rolled out of her bed and out of a third story window. It’s not really funny or weird. It has always been a fear of mine whenever I have placed my bed right up against the window.   The fear is real.

Ninth, the internet went crazy when a woman disappeared on live television. Was this a Fox and Scully stunt? I mean, the return of the X-Files was just horrifically disappointing.I think they could have run with this and turned in a better episode than what they produced.  By the way, the woman didn’t get picked up by UFOs, faint or just vanish as if she were a magic trick.  It was an optical illusion.


Tenth, now this I completely believe.  Listen to this startling but obviously true workplace situations. A study found that people infected with cat parasite are twice as likely to explode in anger and suffer uncontrolled bouts of fury. Tell em you haven’t seen this in some of your colleagues. I think next time a co-worker throws a workplace temper tantrum, I am going to call the veterinarian to come and give them an injection.  Is this where I can also say “dogs rule!!!”


Happy trails…..



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  1. This is hilarious, and confusing on so many levels! My tired brain can’t compute….now I have to worry not just about the fleas, but cat parasites?!? Eww… The city birds don’t surprise me too much, and I totally sympathize with that nun. Sisters need caffeine too! 🙂


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