Oh Rejoice: Getting my exercise groove back


I have never fully watched the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back. When the movie first came out I was too young to get the angst Angela Bassett’s character felt.  Honestly, I still don’t. That’s ok. What I did appreciate were her extremely toned arms. I remember thinking about how fit she was. I also remember how fit Linda Hamilton’s arms were in Terminator. Those women looked like they could take on the world and then some.

Sadly, I have never come close to getting such toned arms. Then again, I haven’t really ever tried. And despite this rant being about getting my exercise groove back, I won’t ever really try to get such toned arms. My thing is having very strong legs. I always have. See growing up in the Bronx I had to gave strong legs. I needed to walk fast to escape any potential kidnappers and wild aimless street dogs. Lest you think I am an exaggerator, I knew three girls in fifth grade that got kidnapped. Also, a German Shepherd once stole my gloves from my hand. No joke. So, I had to walk fast. Then, of course, it being New York I just walked everywhere. Hence, extremely strong, nicely toned legs. When I lived in Spain, I did a fitness test and they noted in a somewhat bewildered tone how strong my legs were. I could kick a mule all the way back to New York. At least, that is what I think the trainer said. It was in Catalan (a hybrid Spanish/French in my ears). While I do not condone kicking mules, I do like the thought of my legs being so strong.

Here is the thing, though. I moved to California and lost part of my exercise groove. I got a little lazy in San Francisco. Maybe it was all the second hand weed smoke. There was actually a “medicinal” pot clinic above my office. I was often quite lethargic. Bit in all fairness my work place was super crazy complete with a minimum of three employee tantrums a day. I wish there had been a boxing place nearby where I could get out that pent up exasperation. Then I moved down to Los Angeles. Realistically, there are just not that many places I can walk to in Los Angeles during the work hours. Before I used to easily do 30 minutes on the treadmill, even forty. Then, I couldn’t do more than twenty minutes. I became distraught. Was I just getting older? Well, of course, I am. But my mind and body need not think and feel that way.


Then I got re-energized and inspired. My son, unexpectedly, decided to give up chocolate Oreos for Lent. He loves those Oreos. Yet, he just let it go. No fuss. No muss. No prodding. My son is my little hero.

I decided to give up candy. I used to eat bags of gummy worms each week. I just let them go. I treat myself to one major dessert a week (like panna cotta on a Sunday). And, I have motivated myself to go 30 minutes on the elliptical. I power through it! I do 30 minutes on the treadmill even though I get a bit bored on it at times.

On this Easter Sunday my son may eat Oreos again. I, on the other hand, will not take back my gummy habit. I, will stay on course, to getting my exercise groove back staying young in mind and body. No toned arms for me as that is not my thing. But my legs will keep going strong.

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  1. I’m impressed. I gave up sweets and television for Lent. I stayed up until 2 a.m. so that I could enjoy a bag of chocolate. I must get my exercise groove back on. It’s been missing for way too long! You have given me some much needed inspiration.


  2. I think sugar is an evil that causes all kinds of health problems. My husband and I have given up sugar (plus flour and dairy) for one week and can’t believe how much better we feel and we’re both down 6 pounds. We continue to walk every day. We’ll see how long we can last but so far it’s been surprisingly easy.


  3. Just shows what a difference your local environment can make to your fitness without you even trying – back in New York, it was easy to walk. You have to, really. I live on a steep hill and garden a lot. From the front to the back of our garden is the equivalent of 4 sets of stairs. I’m also really forgetful, so I forever have to run back down to get something. it’s a fitness program without the gym!

    Getting rid of the gummy worms is a good idea, but I can’t get rid of dark chocolate. Luckily, there’s enough evidence that it’s actually healthy to stop me feeling too guilty, haha.


    • Too true. Dark chocolate is good for you!! no need to get rid of it 🙂 enjoy it. I have now been three weeks without gummy worms but did have a fantastic red velvet yesterday. give and take…lol


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