To live and be seen (or not) in LA


I used to say that the streets of New York were my television. All you had to do was look out your window and a whole chaotic, frantic, jubilant, sad world was happening. You could go window shopping to look at the dazzling shoes on Fifth avenue and catch glimpses of the many faces of New York in those very windows.  The streets of New York are fast-paced wherein you can beat a taxi-cab to your destination.  New York is so fast-paced that many bus stops do not even have benches in which to rest one’s weary feet as we await the bus that will cause us motion sickness when it is caught in the throes of stalled stop and go traffic.

People in New York take photos. Often you get jostled and snap photos while eating a bagel, holding a coke zero and rushing to work in one’s walking shoes that quickly disappear and become high heels once through the office front door.

In Los Angeles there is a different pace. People stop to pose with lamp-posts that have been installed as part of an art exhibit. I stop to take photos of those taking photos.  The whole photo taking experience fascinates me. Well, it fascinates many across the glove, Why would selfie be the word of the year if not for the fascination with the experience of taking photos and being seen?  Photo shoots occur, it seems, on every corner here in Los Angeles. In New York, I was used to television and movie filming, Los Angeles, its constant photo shoots.


There is also a flip side. There are those that are homeless that blend in with the environment and become part of the scenery.  There are also those that take the bus and often seem sad to be waiting and waiting. There are benches for people to sit and wait for the bus. However, there seems to e a certain sense of wanting to hide the need to rely on public transportation.


Benches often remain shrouded in darkness and alone dwarfed by the random architecture of the scene around them.

Who are you outside?

Are you a seen mannequin?

Or hide your struggle?


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  1. Recently I was walking through a building and came across to girls that were seeming to be doing a full on photo shoot of selfies. I was walking a long hall towards them and they didn’t notice me until I was almost right at them, at which time they seemed a bit embarrassed. I was amazed that one could take so many photos in a buildings corridor.


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