Why is there blood on the walls?


She had walked down the hallways of her new workplace many times at this point. Everything seemed normal. That is until she noticed the blood on the walls. Why was there blood? Whose blood was it? All the other walls were white just like an institution.  She sat at her desk and tried to work. But the blood stayed on her mind. She walked over and licked the bloody spot on the wall. She still had no idea why it was there.


There was a time when she was a kid where she kept tasting cloth in her mouth and it nearly drove her insane. The cops had to be called to tie her down. The cloth taste kept increasing her anger and strength. She couldn’t stop anything in that situation Eventually she was held down long enough to push the taste out.


The blood. The bloody blood. It tasted metallic. She needed to leave.


She got into her car and drove west.

At the sight of the water, she stopped her car. She brought her scarf. It was a downcast day. Weren’t they all?

She walked along the beach catching glimpses of the happy families playing with their dogs. Amazing how the dogs drool so happily.  Sadly, her drool didn’t indicate happiness.


She walked and walked. Then she saw him.

It’s a beautiful day for a walk

It’s a beautiful day to to avoid the future

She handed her blue scarf to him and he wrapped it across her eyes and pulled back.

She inhaled the salty air staring straight ahead through the scarf.  The world looked blue and the bloody wall was no longer.

Are you breathing?”

I am. Now I am.

photo fiction 25

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