I’ll Be Back Hollywood Wax Museum



I am not a huge fan of wax museums.  In high school, having attended art classes in Spain, I was “taught” to find wax museums cheesy and not true museums. My sister who hated going to art museums because they were boring loved wax museums. They were often packed with kids running around like mini crazy people. All this to say I avoided wax museums. Admittedly, I did like Madame Tussauds in London. I suppose I liked that wax museum because it was in London. Everything always seems more cultured in London.

I have softened my stance against wax museums and as such I took my son to one in Hollywood.  Besides my son having a blast, I had a nice walk down memory lane. Then it hit me as my son posed with the various wax figures, the museum captured popular culture and my childhood quite well.

My son barely knows who Michael Jackson is yet he had a blast posing with his wax figure. He didn’t understand the significance of the glove prop. But we mightily encouraged my son to wear that glove and we had a moment of wondering why did Michael Jackson have to die so young.

My son posed with the “Terminator” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and we just laughed. I remember the very first time I saw Terminator, the sounds throughout the movie still stay with me.

Then near the end of the attached museum, we came across the Mario piece. Super Mario is still around and my son knows that figure. It is still an important part of many children’s video gaming life.

Despite all the rapid changes we are currently undergoing, there are still parts of our popular culture that continue to live on in various facets of everyday life as well as in wax.

What will be celebrated at the wax museum in 20 years, who knows? I will be back!






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  1. We saw “Creed” with our daughter over the holidays. We then encouraged her to borrow the whole series of “Rocky” DVDs we own, so she could better appreciated the genesis of the story line and get a better understanding of the development of the Rocky character.
    Fast forward to this week when I am catching up on reading “Entertainment Weekly” which highly praised the character, which confirms my hope that this character, like some of the other figures I hope your son saw in the wax museum, are timeless. I hope the Terminator does not fall in this category, but perhaps Mario and MJ do!


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